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Stock up on your favorite crystals by bulk purchasing them by the pound!

Whether you’re creating a crystal grid to manifest happiness or crafting a jar spell for happiness, we have every piece of amethyst, rose quartz, and other bulk crystal you may need.

Wondering where to start?

  • The best all-purpose healing crystal is the quartz crystal.
  • The best psychic crystal is the beautiful, purple amethyst crystal.
  • The best money manifesting crystal is the deep, green emerald crystal.
  • The best crystal for love spells is the deep, red garnet.
  • Check out our full guide to Chakra Healing Crystals & our Magical Properties Of Crystals & Stones articles!

So, whether you’re breaking into crystal healing or creating spell jars if you’re looking to buy crystals in bulk, we’re you’re go-to online metaphysical shop!

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Load up your spiritual shelves with crystal beads, crystal chips, raw crystals, tumbled crystals, and more!

Earn 29 Points

  • Amplifies focused intentions powerfully 🌟
  • Grounds and balances energies 🌍
  • Ideal for multiple rituals 🌙

Earn 18 Points

  • Use to heal your heart chakra 💚
  • Great in crystal grids 💎
  • 1 pound by weight ⚖️

Earn 11 Points

  • Great for healing the heart chakra 💚
  • Perfect for crystal grids 💎
  • 1lb, by weight ⚖️
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Earn 51 Points

Craft your perfect crystal grid or use these Amethyst Crystal Points in a number of spells by buying this bulk order of amethyst crystals. This batch of raw points and chunks of amethyst contains 15-20 crystal points that measure 1″ – 2 3/4″, approximately.

Earn 13 Points

  • Raw, unpolished crystals 💎
  • Sourced from India 🇮🇳
  • Random selection, 1lb total by weight ⚖️
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Earn 52 Points

  • Amplifies Spiritual Growth 🌱
  • Enhances Intuitive Abilities 🔮
  • Calming, Healing Energy ✨

Out of stock
Earn 113 Points

  • Great for connecting to higher self 💜
  • Immediately cleanses chakra system 🌈
  • 1 pound, by weight ⚖

Earn 28 Points

Known as a stone of the mind, Amethyst brings calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. It will help you learn of all things spiritual, mystical and psychic. It can also aid in healing magic, helping to overcome addictions. Sold by approximate weight – not stone size or count.

Earn 27 Points

Perfect for building crystal grids, adding to spell bottles and bags, or just for decoration, this bulk order of Tumbled Chevron Amethyst is perfect for all crystal lovers! Chevron Amethyst is formed when veins of white quartz and amethyst come together in the rock. This stone combines the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz with the stress [...]

Earn 35 Points

  • Perfect for opening the third eye 👁️
  • Excellent for the Solar Plexus chakra ☀️
  • Packed by weight, not crystal size: 1 lb. ⚖️
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Earn 53 Points

  • Connect with angelic realms 👼
  • Elevate your spiritual journey 🌌
  • Enhance psychic abilities ✨

Earn 54 Points

  • Helps with communication 🗣
  • From China 🇨🇳
  • 1 lb, by weight ⚖️
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Earn 24 Points

  • Uncover hidden emotional patterns 🌟
  • Enhance your spiritual practice 🙏
  • Ward off negative energies ⚔️

Out of stock
Earn 15 Points

Onyx is a wonderfully grounding stone that amplifies your personal drive. It helps you to dig down to the solid core of your determination, removes all eratic and energetic blockages, and allows you to move forward with your true will. This order of tumbled black onyx stones weighs 1 lb and is sold by approximate [...]

Earn 19 Points

  • Great for protection spell bottles ⚪
  • Perfect for psychic crystal grids 💎
  • 1lb of 6-8mm chips 📏
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Earn 30 Points

Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and neutralizing harmful energies around you and your environment! As a transforming stone, tourmaline pulls harmful energies from the environment, leaving only the beneficial for you and those around you. For that reason, tourmaline is a great environment cleanser! This bulk package of black tourmaline raw stone offers [...]