Spell Candles

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Ritual and Spell Candles are specialized and charged candles crafted with the intent of being used in rituals, ceremonies, and magical workings.

Whether it’s for meditation, manifestation, or witchcraft, these candles are often infused with specific intentions, energies, and often, essential oils or herbs corresponding to a particular purpose.

The main difference is in the intention and the possible inclusion of specific scents, colors, herbs, crystals, or symbols aligned with a particular purpose.

Yes, it's the intention that counts most, but specialized candles might enhance the experience.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Safety first!

Using smoke from cleansing herbs, like sage or palo santo, using sound, or using Reiki and setting the intention to cleanse are common methods.

Yes, colors like white, red, and black have respective associations like purity, love, and banishing. Learn about each candle color meaning.

Factors like type of wax, inclusions (symbols, herbs, crystals), brand, and crafting method can influence the price.

Absolutely! Making your own can be a deeply personal and rewarding process. Here are great regular pillar candles, chime candles, votive candles, shaped candles, and taper candles for you to start with!

Focus on your goal while lighting the candle, visualizing the outcome, and feeling the emotions associated with it.

It depends on your practice. Some prefer using a new candle for each intent, while others cleanse and reuse them.