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New Arrivals

Everything from salt lamps to iron cauldrons, check out our newest metaphysical items.


  • Perfect for altars and dinner parties 🍷
  • Matte black outer color with moon and stars design 🌙
  • 4 5/8" tall 📏


  • Draw from authentic Mexican sources and traditions. 🌟
  • Experience first-hand accounts of Santa Muerte's miraculous powers. ✨
  • 256 pages. 📖


  • Magical Uses: Balance energy & invoke love 🌈
  • Materials: Sterling silver & mystic quartz 💎
  • Size: 7 💍


  • Made from Copper and golden paint ⭐
  • Features intricate raised detail of the goat-headed god 🐐
  • Size: 4.5" in diameter 📏

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  • Handmade red voodoo doll 🔺
  • Perfect poppet for sympathetic love, success, courage, lust, and vitality magick ♥
  • Measures 5" in height 📏


  • Featuring a bubbling lid with holes for the smoke to rise ♨
  • Light your fave incense, place the lid on and watch your cauldron come to life ⚡
  • This cauldron measures approximately 3.25 inches 📏


  • Help remove negative energies ❌
  • Created while focusing on banishing ✨
  • 2" tall x 1/2" diameter apothecary-style jar ⭐


  • Burn & visualize the colors swirling through your energy channel 🌀
  • Use the crystal to amplify your intentions of healing 💎
  • Combine with meditation 🧘

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Best Selling Spiritual & Spell Ingredients

Our mega-popular metaphysical items.


  • Forces negative energies away ⚡
  • Great for banishing spells 🔥
  • 1 ounce of powder ⭐
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  • Perfect for petition spells 📜
  • Charged for magick ⚡
  • 12 sheets, 3" x 4" 📏
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Call upon the aid of the Fae with this beautiful Gold-Toned Fairy Star Chime Candle Holder! The Fairy Star makes up the base of this light-weight, affordable chime candle holder, and is perfect for Faerie Magick, holding candles during a supervised children’s ritual, or simply for holding your corner candles!


  • Makes a great incense ♨️
  • Wonderful in hot foot powder 👣
  • 1 ounce ⭐
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  • Pure activated charcoal 🖤
  • Great for removing toxic energy⚡
  • 1 ounce of powder ⭐
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Ring forth the spirits of the silvery night, to witness your spell and guard your rite! These 1.5 inch Celestial Bells are the perfect addition to any altar, especially teen, tween, children, and mini altars!


  • Perfect for protection ⚪
  • Removes harmful energies ⚡
  • 1 ounce of salt ⭐
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  • Smell for instant relaxation 🙏🏽
  • Use in tea to get rid of anxiety 🍵
  • 1 ounce of dried lavender flowers ⭐
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Tarot Cards

We have every tarot deck and oracle card set necessary for tarot readings, spiritual guidance, daily readings, and psychic readings.


  • Traditional beginner deck ⭐
  • Most popular of all time 🎴
  • 78 card deck 🔮


Learn to read and interpret the Tarot with this wonderful Easy Tarot Deck & Book Set! Using the popular deck, The Gilded Tarot, this book takes the reader through each suit, thoroughly explaining and interpreting each and every card! This makes a great gift for aspiring tarot readers and experienced readers alike! Not only will [...]


If you’ve always wanted to learn to read playing cards like the gypsies and psychics of the old world, but have had a hard time the this is the deck for you! This Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards by Mlle Lenormand contains all 52 playing cards with written explanations directly on the cards! Learn [...]


When we meditate, we often come across symbols and images that warn us of major turning points in life or congratulate us for jobs well done. Now, you can take those images, symbols, words, and ideas and turn them into your very own tarot card deck! This 80 card deck comes ready to create with [...]


Vanessa Decort givs a modern twist to ancient cultural symbols of tarot in her Sun and Moon Tarot Deck. This Sun and Moon Tarot Deck is derived from everything from Kabbalism to Taoism, allowing for beautiful interpretations. This is a 78 card tarot deck.


Celebrate the rich history and divinatory quality of the Rider-Waite Tarot with Pamela Colman Smith’s The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck and Book. This set contains the full Rider-Waite Deck, The Key to the Tarot Book, and a divinatory chart. The 160 page book by A.E. Waite with a forward by Liz Greene is included [...]


Depicting symbols and icons from several eras, The Cosmic Tarot offers the tarot reader interpretations on three different levels: the cosmos, the human community, and the individual. This 78-card deck comes with a 40 page book.  The tarot card stack measures 4 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 1″.

Out of stock

The Book of Shadows Tarot Kit, Volume 1, complete with book and cards, is the first volume in a two volume deck set conceptualized by tarot expert, Barbara Moore. The tarot deck included in this item is the As Above deck, which focuses on universal and divine energies. The second installment of her series, So Below [...]

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Witchcraft Books

Learn how to be a Witch from real Witchcraft practitioners.

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This is not your average mystical tome—but a special spellbook by two practicing witches. Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. Delightfully well written and practical, filled with atmospheric illustrations and diagrams throughout, it encompasses all the principles and philosophy of spell [...]


From cleansing spells to hands-on healing to the spiritual use of herbs, these witches know which magickal and natural remedies work best! The Good Witch’s Guide offers a treasure chest filled with holistic Wiccan magic and lore. Illustrated throughout, it teaches you which herbs and spices, oils and aromatherapy, brews, potions, spells, and more, can [...]


  • Great for beginners ⚡
  • A modern, healthier twist on older spells 💛
  • 544 pages 📖


Practical magic for every day and every season! Everybody has something they’d like to change, be it love, career, friendships, health, or money. Sometimes they turn to magic to create the desired transformation. But what kind of spell should you use? Does it require rare ingredients? And how do you even cast a spell? This [...]


  • A beautiful gateway into herbalism 🌱
  • Traditional read for Baby Witches ⭐
  • 336 pages 📖


  • Great, historical reference guide for Wicca 💚
  • Perfect beginner book for Wiccans 🌟
  • 240 pages 📚

Out of stock

  • Perfect for a new Wiccan ⭐
  • Easy to understand 🧠
  • 123 pages 📖
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Inscribed into the hand-tooled surface of this Tree of Life Leather Journal depicts the Sacred Oak Tree. Shown as the Tree of Life, this tree celebrates nature and the path it offers to other worlds of discovery and mysticism. This book of shadows contains 240 unlined pages and measures 5″ x 7″.

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Spell Candles

Intention candles, inscribed spell candles, jar candles, and more are for sale at Plentiful Earth.


  • Inscribed with magickal script 🖋️
  • Simply visualize and light! 🕯️
  • Ready for you to cast! ⚡
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The Love Union Charged Candle has been carved with runes of the Futhark alphabet, energetically charged, and anointed with magical oils to create a potent tool for love spells. Complete with instructions, this spell candle is a full ritual to help two souls find each other in love.


Handcrafted in the USA, Crystal Journey’s Abundance Reiki Charged Pillar Candle has been charged to create an atmosphere of abundance in any and all areas of your life. Simply light the wick and allow its energy to empower your life, spells, and home with magick, to bring many new joys into your home.


Handcrafted in the USA, Crystal Journey’s Good Health Reiki Charged Pillar Candle has been charged to create a healthy energy flow in your body, on all levels. Simply light the wick and allow its energy to empower your life, spells, and home with magick, to bring the blessing of good health into your home.


  • Made on the Day of Mercury & Hour of Jupiter ✨
  • Natural beeswax candle 🐝
  • 4.25" tall 📏


  • Spell-ready
  • Psychic vision charm carved into the candle
  • Energetically Charged
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Famous for Winning court cases or keeping law away, this beautiful, empowering Blue Pyramid Candle is lightly scented with jasmine and can help connect with mystery, emotions, ancestors, or any purpose. Inscribe with symbols or place petition under for extra power. This pyramid candle measures 2 1/2″ x 3″.

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Guide and shape energy within your candle magic using this wonderful Red Pyramid Candle. Scented with cinnamon oil, this candle can be used to call love or lovers, keep a lover from straying, or for any purpose that requires red and cinnamon! Inscribe or place petitions under the candle and burn! This candle measures 2 [...]

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Chakra Stones

Shop our entire crystal shop for more crystal pieces.

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This Amethyst Pentacle Chakra Pendulum includes an engraved pentagram that has either been gilded or silvered, with a chain accented by stones representing the 7 chakras. This pendulum is 6” long.


This Chakra Multi-Layer Pendulum Bracelet is a powerful and multi-use magical tool. As a length of 7 prayer beads for meditative, ritual or spell use.  This pendulum has a 3/4″ Tree of Life pendant, 9 stone beads that measure 5/16″ in diameter, and natural bobs that will vary slightly from the average 1 5/8″ x [...]

Out of stock

  • Spiritual Meanings: Energy transformation, empowerment, healing 🌈
  • Uses: Visualize balanced chakras, and point the energy at the chakra to heal it 🌟
  • Size: 5" 📏


  • Perfect for aligning your chakras 🌈
  • Great for resetting your subtle bodies 🔮
  • 1.5" diameter 📏
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  • Pocket-sized
  • Perfect for on-the-go healing! ⚡
  • 4.5 inches in length!

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Mala Beads

Whether you're meditating for energy healing, love, peace, or more, shop our catalog of mala and meditation beads.


  • Also known as yoga necklaces, prayer beads, or hindu rosary 📿
  • Perfect for maintaining focus during meditation 🙏🏽
  • Contains the traditional 108 beads 🤩


Allow your mind to focus on your mantras during meditation with this Fancy Elastic Amethyst and Fluorite Mala! Alternating between sections of amethyst and fluorite, this mala contains 108 beads that measure 8mm in diameter. The purple tassel at the end signals that you’ve repeated your mantra 108 times, and it’s time to turn around [...]

Out of stock

  • Great for calming an active mind 🧠
  • Simply repeat your mantra, move to the next bead, repeat 📿
  • 108 beads 🌟
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  • Spiritual Meaning: Opens third eye, increase meditation, psychic ability 👁
  • How To Use: Choose a mantra, repeat the mantra, use beads to count repetitions. 📿
  • Size: 108 beads. 5.5mm in diameter. 36" long 📏

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Canvas Tote Bags

Cottagecore your life and show your love for Witchcraft, the planet, and being green with our canvas tote bags.


  • Perfect as a reusable grocery bag! ✨
  • 100% cotton 🤩
  • 18" square 📏


  • Spiritual Meanings: Resilience, protection & flexibility 💪
  • Material: Jute & rope 💛
  • Size: 14" x 16" 📏


  • Beautifully printed 💀
  • Jute + Rope ⭐
  • 14" x 16" 📏

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