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Remove negative energy and bring in positive energies with our selection of spiritual crystals.

Plentiful Earth’s crystal shop sources crystals, stones, minerals, and precious stones from around the world.

Whether you use your gemstones for crystal healing, balancing your crown chakra with natural vibrational frequencies, or want to practice Feng Shui through energetic frequency balancing, our powerful crystals are perfect for any use.

Practice balancing your sacral chakra or learn the healing properties of each stone today.

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Add crystal jewelry, raw stones, obelisks, hearts, and more to your collection, today.


  • Perfect for aligning chakras 🌈
  • Instant Aromatherapy: Add a drop of diluted essential oil to lava rocks 💧
  • 8mm beads. Elastic band. 📏


  • Spiritual Meanings: Peace, serenity, meditation 🙏
  • Source: Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Size: Adjustable 📏


  • Magical Uses: Healing & Pain Management 🩹
  • Also known as Seftonite ❤
  • 8mm beads. Elastic, one-size-fits-all 📏


  • Perfect for grounding emotions 🌳
  • Heals throat and heart chakras 💚
  • 4mm beads on an elastic one-size-fits-most band 📏
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  • Great for increasing psychic abilities 👁
  • Releases emotional blocks 🌦
  • Elastic: one-size-fits-many 📏
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  • Perfect for empowering the heart chakra 💚
  • Great for good health ⚡
  • One-size-fits-all ⭐
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  • Perfect for love readings 💚
  • Great for beginners ✨
  • Each rune approx. 1/2" 📏


  • Heals the heart chakra 💚
  • Amazing love talisman 🤗
  • One size fits most 📏


  • Use to heal your heart chakra 💚
  • Great in crystal grids 💎
  • 1 pound by weight ⚖️


  • Great for healing the heart chakra 💚
  • Perfect for crystal grids 💎
  • 1lb, by weight ⚖️
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  • A slice of an amethyst stalactite! 💜
  • Great for healing and seeing the truth 👁️
  • Natural slice. Size may vary. 📏
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  • Protect yourself from bad vibes ⚡
  • Great for empaths 💫
  • Approximately 2" long 📏


Allow your mind to focus on your mantras during meditation with this Fancy Elastic Amethyst and Fluorite Mala! Alternating between sections of amethyst and fluorite, this mala contains 108 beads that measure 8mm in diameter. The purple tassel at the end signals that you’ve repeated your mantra 108 times, and it’s time to turn around [...]


Grant yourself clarity, protection, and grounding with this Amethyst and Hematite Pentacle Bracelet. This bracelet features amethyst beads, hematite beads, and clear faceted beads plus a pewter woven pentacle amulet. This elastic bracelet is one size fits most.


Give focus to your meditation, ritual practice, and crystal grids with this beautiful Amethyst and Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Measuring 25-30mm, this makes a great addition to altar top grids and spells. Amethyst is perfect for removing stress, anxiety, and opening up your psychic channels. Orgonite is created a great energy manipulator, just like the pyramid [...]