Tiger's Eye Crystals

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  • Gold = Color of Wealth 💰
  • Comes with a tiger's eye crystal 💛
  •  1 3/4" x 6 1/2"., Remove label before lighting. 📏
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  • All natural Tiger's Eye 🐯
  • One size fits most 💁🏽‍♀️
  • 3/4" Sun Charm 🌞
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  • Crafted from a stone of clarity 👁️
  • 24 Elder Futhark runes 🔮
  • Made in India 🇮🇳
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Tiger Eye is a potent stone for achieving focus in divination, making it perfect for use in this pendulum. This simple Tiger’s Eye Pendulum measure 6” in length.

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Have you ever wished you could carry your pendulum on you in a more efficient manner? We have, too! That’s why we’re carrying this Tiger’s Eye Pendulum Bracelet! This traditional tiger’s eye pendulum comes with a clasp for you to loop this pendulum right around your wrist! Additionally, the 8 beads along the pewter chain [...]

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Similar to our Meditation Key Chains and Pagan Symbols Anklets, these Tiger’s Eye Pentacle Meditation Earrings harness the energies of safety, travels, protection, and more. Wear them when you are preparing to go into meditation or if you simply want to add the energies of tiger’s eye to your life! We offer many different stones [...]


Protect yourself with the eye of the tiger! This Tiger’s Eye Bead Power Bracelet features highly polished tiger’s eye beads, which measure 1/4″ in diameter which are strung onto a 6″ elastic cord.


  • Great for new psychics 🔮
  • Protects as you read ⚪
  • Each rune is approx. 1" 📏
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  • Carry protection wherever you go ⚪
  • Get into a meditative state easier 🧘
  • 2 1/8" long 📏
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