Essential Oils

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Essential oils from Azure Green, Anna Riva, Auric Blends, and more!


AzureGreen’s Cedarwood essential oil is a potent aid to spells and rituals involving purification, healing, and the removal of hexes. Indeed, as an essential oil it is derived directly from cedar, using the natural oils and essences of the wood to produce the highest quality of oils that is imbued with all of Cedarwood natural [...]


Actually obtained by processing leaves and stems of Lemongrass, AzureGreen’s Citronella Essential Oil is one of the highest quality and most potent oils you can use in your home. Perhaps most commonly known for its great ability to help repel insects or in producing perfumes and fragrances, Citronella is also of great use upon the [...]


AzureGreen’s Musk Essence oil possesses a sweet, attractive aroma traditionally found in many perfumes and colognes. Blended of carefully chosen essential oils, it possesses many of the traditional properties associated with such fragrances, making it a potent aid to many spells and rituals even as it otherwise provides a pleasant scent to the skin or [...]


Crafted from the natural oils of the Patchouli plant, AzureGreen’s Patchouli Essential oil captures the fragrance that so many know and love and leaves it imbued with many of the same properties that so many of us use in ritual crafts. Standing alone, it makes for a great fragrance for the home or as a [...]


  • Great for Yule 🎄
  • Used in optimism and hope spells ☀
  • 2 dram. For external use only. ⭐
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