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Buy A Pagan & Wiccan Altar Bell For Your Next Ritual

Which bell fits your Witch vibe?

A bronze pentacle bell? Silver triquetra bell? A plain silver bell ready for your own magical sigil?

Whatever your Pagan flavor is, our altar bell selection has everything you need to complete your magical altar.

Buy a new altar bell, decorated in pentacles, triquetras, triple moon symbols, and more.

What are altar bells called?

Altar bells are called by different names, depending on your religion.

How are altar bells used in Wicca?

Altar bells clear out negative vibes and signal the start of a Wiccan Ritual or yoga practice.

How are altar bells used in Witchcraft & Paganism?

Different tones of bells are used to evoke different types of energies and entities in Witchcraft and Paganism. Every practice is different, so be sure to research your path's favorite way to use this ritual tool.

Does the sound of bells remove negativity?

Yes. It is said that the vibrations made by the sounds of bells raise the vibrations of the energy around it. So, negative energy is raised to neutral or beneficial energies, depending on the frequency of each bell's sound.

Can I use antique bells to remove negativity?

Absolutely! Depending on the frequency of the bell, itself, it can cleanse all old energetic attachments just by being rung.