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Witch Altar Tables

Your Witch altar is the powerful center point of your magical practice. It holds each of your most magical items and gives you a space to focus your energy and willpower. An altar is the foundation of change.

Practitioners of Wicca will love our Green Man and Triple Moon carved wooden altars, while Witches absolutely adore the Tree of Life and Spirit Board altars!

We have everything you need to practice your modern religion on the solid foundation of an altar!

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What is a spiritual altar?

A spiritual altar is an excellent place to focus on manifesting your dreams and goals. It's a special table that's used specifically for manifesting, rituals, and spells. Over time, it stores the power of all the good vibes you've put into your practice. Practically, it holds candles, incense, crystals, and other items that help you focus and create change.

Should I cover my magick altar with an altar cloth?

Yes! An altar cloth can help keep your beautiful new altar table safe from wax and ash! Additionally, different spells and rituals that call for certain colors or symbols can easily be swapped out, as opposed to having a different table for a different spell need.

I'm buying an altar table, but what should my altar set up be?

The possibilities for your altar setup are endless! If you work with elements, you should lay out elemental items in their corresponding direction. If you work with ancestors, your altar setup could center around photos of loved ones, their favorite items, and more.

What to put on an altar?

Your altar setup depends on your personal practice and your goals. Some witches like to keep their altars simple with a single candle, crystal, and incense. Others spiritual practitioners love to stack related energies on their altar, in the form of many herbs, crystals, candles, and tools, to help them put energy towards a specific goal.

How to set up an altar?

To set up an altar, first, take a moment to think about what type of work you want to use your altar for. Next, learn about any altar layouts that match the spiritual path you are following. Then, research herbs, candle colors, crystals, and tools to find out what matches your goals. Finally, cleanse each item and then lay them out on your altar table in a way that matches your spirituality and personal aesthetic.

How to set up a Wiccan altar?

Wiccan altars usually have a representation of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit on them, in addition to any spell correspondences. If you're looking for a place to start, check out our Build Your Own Wiccan Altar Kit to begin building your personalized Wiccan altar!