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Cauldrons For Sale | Witch Cauldrons For Spells & Magick

Every Witches’ altar needs a Witches’ Cauldron & luckily, we have cauldrons for sale!

Here at Plentiful Earth, we have small and large cast iron cauldrons and copper cauldrons for sale.

Wiccans and witches use magick cauldrons to represent the element of Water, as well as rebirth. It’s said that Cerridwen, of the Celtic pantheon, had a cauldron of rebirth.

You can use this metal pot for cooking in Kitchen Witchcraft, burning spell papers, representing the womb of creation, as an incense burner, as a candle holder, and more!

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Browse our selection of cauldrons with lids, antique cauldrons, cast iron cauldrons, and find your perfect cauldron.

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