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Magical Properties of Sweet Basil | Basil Materia Magicka

Basil is one of our favorite magical plants, and we’re not just saying that because Aurora is an Italian-American Witch!

These plants provide an amazing wealth of prosperity energy, making it a fantastic ingredient for incredible money spells.

When it comes to using this delicious herb in your Pagan or Wiccan practice, dried and fresh basil work very well, so don’t worry too much about which witch herb you have in your magical pantry!

As with all of our magickal property pages and ingredients, the energies of this green plant can be used by any belief system; its energies exist regardless of what path you follow!

So, let’s start empowering your life, starting with this delicious, magical plant!

Learn how to use it in spells!

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Magickal Properties of Sweet Basil | A Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Ocimum basilicum

Folk Names

  • Albahaca
  • St. Joseph’s Wort
  • American Dittany


  • Masculine

Elements that Rule Basil

  • Fire

Planets that Rule Basil

  • Mars

Signs that Rule Basil

  • Scorpio

Deities that Rule Basil

  • Ares
  • Krishna
  • Mars
  • Vishnu

Chakras that work with Basil

  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus

Magical Properties Of Basil

  • Astral Projection: Drink the juice to aid in psychic travel.
  • Business Protection: Use a fresh branch to sprinkle moon water around your businesses to keep thieves away.
  • Happiness: Use the essential oil in aromatherapy to dispel or banish sadness or depression.
  • Love Spells: Cook with or give this plant to someone you like in order to invite the concept of love into your relationship. You can also wear a perfume made from the essential oil to invite love into your life.
  • Marriage Charm: Give this plant to a newlywed couple to ensure their marriage stays sweet and prosperous.
  • Money Spells: Tuck a leaf from the plant into your wallet to call money into your life. 
  • Peace: Use this plant in make up spells after a fight with friends or family.
  • Protection: Hang the plant or anoint yourself or an amulet with this essential oil to ward off harmful spells. You can also make a protection bottle using dried basil leaves or grow the plant at the four corners of your property.
  • Purification: Cleanse with the plant or keep the potted plant around your home to keep good energy circulating in your home. You can also add the tea to your bath to create a purification bath.
  • Safe Travel: Hang the leaves from your windshield or anoint yourself, an amulet, or your car to keep yourself safe during travel.

What are some of your favorite ways to use this herb in your magickal working? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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