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7 Ways to Use Basil Essential Oil

Basil (the ocimum basilium plant) is such an uplifting scent. It’s spicy sweet and warming smells help one to become uplifted from a sorrowful state. When one smells basil essential oil it may bring thoughts of anise seed, spice, and sunshine.

Basil is said to be a protective plant and one that helps to uplift you when you are not feeling your best. Basil in a practical sense can protect you from illnesses due to its high antimicrobial properties, it can protect your muscles from becoming too fatigued due to its relaxant properties. Basil is a workhorse when it comes her and is an extrovert in the essential oil world. Basil doesn’t like to work alone and does better with help from her friends. If you can’t tell, Basil’s energy is feminine.

There are many uses for Basil; see them below!

Uses and Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

1. Speed up Hair Growth + Control Dandruff

Basil hair oil is best used at night before bed on a clean scalp. You take a few drops, rub it in your hands, then onto your scalp. The scent is intoxicating. The blend is stimulating, clarifying, conditioner, soothing, and antimicrobial. It gives and irritated scalp a chance to calm down, clear up, and repair. If used regularly it will help to clear up dandruff and irritated scalps.

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I have personally used basil oil in a blend for many months and I notice my hair has started to grow much quicker. As always, I recommend a patch test before using this to ensure that you are not allergic to this oil.

2. Pain Relieving Massage Oil

Basil oil is incredibly helpful when trying to soothe irritated overworked, sore muscles. This lovely essential oil penetrates quickly to get to the source of the pain. When blended with other oils, it makes a great long-term remedy for your body. Be sure to mix this essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil.

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3. Clear Congestion with Basil Steam

Sometimes you’re so congested that it is difficult to breath. A hot steamy bath or shower can be your saving grace with a few drops of basil essential oil and eucalyptus oil placed on a cotton ball in the shower or bath with you. The steamy air mixed with the essential oils as a diffuser will help clear congestion.

4. Bring Wealth into Your Life

Make money using a basil essential oil blend. Basil is known as the money plant by some, so adding a bit of basil to your intention work will go a long way. Simply anoint a candle with diluted basil oil, visualize your intentions, and light. Follow up with physical work towards your goal, and you’ll find that it happens a lot faster!

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5. Make an Uplifting Room Mist

Need to clear the air of bacteria and make it smell nice at the same time without using artificial fragrances? A few drops of basil and Eucalyptus essential oil into a diffuser to help remove bacteria out of the air. This is a great blend during the cold and flu season.

6. Fight Mental Fatigue Spray

Add a few drops of basil essential oil to distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake, and spray. It will relax your mind so you can create to your heart’s content and keep you alert at the same time.

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7. Get rid of Tension Headaches

Basil essential oil is handy when you have a tension headache. You can take a few drops blended into your favorite unscented lotion and rub on to your neck. The smell will help to reduce stress at the same time rubbing the lotion on your tight muscles will help lessen muscle tension.

Also, make sure you dilute your essential oils, especially with Basil. In some people it can cause skin irritation due to the high concentrations of Linalool, the chemical component that gives many flowers and spices its scent.

As always, information on this website is not meant to diagnose, treat, or replace your doctor. Always consult your physician before utilizing any home remedies.

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