Crafting prosperity: discover the art of a money-drawing candle oil recipe in our spiritual metaphysical shop.

Money Mulligan | A Money Drawing Oil Recipe

No wealth spell is complete without a green candle burning gently in the background calling prosperity to your home. Candle spells act like beacons, alerting the Universe to your need and beckoning the Universe to send the manifestation to you.

When you light a candle for candle magic, you’re flipping a light switch on. This allows the positive flow of wealth to come into your life! An anointed candle plays well with law of attraction solutions.

Do I need to anoint my money spell candles with oil?

While it’s not necessary, cleansing, consecrating, and anointing your spell candles with oil is definitely recommended. Lighting a candle for candle magick opens up a current of pure energy. This energy is shifted by each symbol, herb, or color it comes in contact with.

By using a green candle that is covered in money-drawing herbs and oils, you are transforming pure energy into money energy! So, anoint your candles to make your spells more powerful!

Get your candles ready to cast money spells with this Money Mulligan Money Drawing Anointing Oil Recipe!

Money Mulligan Candle Dressing Money Oil Recipe for Money Spells

Money Candle Anointing Oil Ingredients

  • 3 drops Basil Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Clove Essential Oil
  • 1 tsp. Olive Oil
  • 1 dram Glass Bottle with Dropper

Money Oil Directions

  1. Add basil essential oil, clove essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil to the glass bottle. Cap and shake. Visualize money coming your way.
  2. Use the oil to anoint your green candles. Starting from the top down, anoint your prosperity candle with the money oil down the candle and towards you.
  3. The candle is now ready to use in money and prosperity spells during the Full Moon or Waxing Moon.
  4. Light and watch your cash roll in. Of course, you will need to balance metaphysical work with physical work toward achieving your prosperity goals. Use this candle for money magic.

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