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How to Activate and Train your Intuition for your Health

Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow [...]

3 Minute Mindfulness and Focus Training

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment and focusing on the present. When [...]

5 Tips to Make Meditation Easier

Welcome to the beautiful time in our human lives where meditation is valued in all [...]

Benefits of Gratitude Practice

Gratitude practice is the fastest and easiest way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in [...]

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5 Mindfulness Exercises for Stress Management

What if I said, that for 5 moments, you could feel totally stress-free? What if, [...]


Walking Mindfulness Meditation

Raise your hand in you live in your head, if you constantly worry rather than [...]

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1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Visual Awareness

The secret to having a stress-free life lies right in front of your eyes, literally. [...]

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Touch of Happiness

Did you love touching things as a kid? Did it or does it soothe your [...]

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Three Bites of Joy

Being mindful means being totally connected to the present moment. When we are in this [...]

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1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Mindful Breathing

When life feels like it’s suffocating you, and anxious thoughts are piling higher and higher, [...]

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