Woman with curly hair laughing in sunlight, raising vibration.

22 Simple Ways To Raise Your Positive Vibrations

Wondering how to increase your vibration?

Are you feeling stuck in life and wish you could raise your vibration for spiritual growth?

Wish you could ascend into enlightenment by reaching your highest vibration?

“Vibrations” are the term we’re using to describe how the body flows between dense, thick stressors and light, high spirituality.

In this sense, stressors are muddy, low vibrations; spiritually-fortifying activities are of a lighter, higher vibration of energy. The more your body has to work, the lower your vibrational frequency is.

When we’re closer to our highest spirituality, we’re more in tune with inner peace, friends and family, and our purpose in life. So, let’s keep going on your spiritual journey.

Increasing your spiritual vibration can lead to a deeper sense of peace, heightened intuition, and a stronger connection with your inner self and the universe.

Techniques To Elevate Your Vibrational Frequency

Here are 20 practical ways you can elevate your spiritual vibration each day.

1. Meditation

Daily meditation can calm your mind, reduce stress, and elevate your spiritual vibration by fostering a deeper connection with your inner self.

When we meditate, we tend to get closer to our Higher Self, or our most natural self, in a spiritual sense. We increase our mental awareness up into the spiritual realm. So, each time we meditate, we raise vibration.

Try It Now: Insight Timer has a great chamomile meditation to help you feel calm and empowered.

Meditation app screenshot showing a guided session titled "Chamomile Relaxation + Empowerment."
Insight Timer, a free meditation app.

2. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness throughout the day can help you stay present and connected, increasing your spiritual awareness and vibration.

Mindfulness pulls you out of a stressful sludge and higher up into a place of happiness and calm, thus raising your frequency.

Try It Now: Actionable ways that you can practice mindfulness right now include paying direct attention to what you’re holding in your right hand right now. What does that item feel like? Is it cool or warm?

3. Gratitude

Keeping a gratitude journal or simply acknowledging things you are grateful for daily can shift your focus to positivity, raising your vibration.

The direct attention you give to positive thoughts helps your brain work through stagnant energy and old, harmful patterns.

Try It Now: Practice gratitude at least once a day simply by stopping right now and saying one thing you’re thankful for, at this moment.

Woman with curly hair laughing in sunlight, raising vibration.

4. Nature Walks

Spending time in nature can ground you and connect you to the earth’s natural vibration, promoting a sense of well-being and spiritual elevation.

Feeling the rocks beneath your shoes while seeing how well your body responds on a nature trail is one of many powerful ways to help your subconscious find its natural place in our world. When body and mind connect, it opens the door for a more spiritual connection, thus raising your frequency and vibration.

Try It Now: Get in touch with nature. Take a moment to step outside. Touch nature with your hands and notice a shift in your vibes.

Man with backpack in forest, smiling, promoting positive vibes.

5. Healthy Diet

Eating foods that are high in life-force energy, like fruits and vegetables, can help cleanse your body and elevate your spiritual vibration.

The key is to avoid foods that slow your body down during digestion, cause your body distress, or fill your body with harmful chemicals.

Everyone’s dietary needs are different, so be sure to check with your doctor before starting any specific diet.

6. Hydration

Drinking plenty of water helps detoxify your body, supporting physical health and enhancing spiritual clarity.

Current science from The National Academy of Medicine tells us that men should drink 13 cups of water daily, while women need around 9 cups, with 1 cup equaling 8 ounces.

7. Yoga

Yoga combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, which can raise your spiritual vibration by harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.

Try It Now: Our favorite daily yoga flow is currently:

  1. Child’s pose.
  2. Cat-Cow pose.
  3. Cobra pose.
  4. Downward-facing dog pose.
  5. Cobra pose.
  6. Cat-Cow pose.
  7. Child’s pose.
  8. Bridge pose.
  9. Spinal twist.
  10. Corpse pose.

8. Positive Thinking

Cultivating positive thoughts and attitudes can transform your energy and lift your spiritual vibration.

9. Acts of Kindness

Performing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return can increase your spiritual vibration by expanding your heart’s energy.

Try It Now: Text one person, right now, and tell them that they’re amazing and to have an amazing day or night.

10. Affirmations

Positive affirmations can reprogram your subconscious mind, helping to elevate your mood and spiritual vibration.

By repeating something positive about your life or yourself, your body follows your affirmation’s lead and begins to automatically make small changes.

Try It Now: 111 Positive Affirmations To Make You Happy In Every Situation

11. Creative Expression

Bearing your soul and engaging in creative activities like painting, writing, or playing music can release mental blockages and raise your vibration.

Try It Now: Take a sheet of paper and your favorite pen. Now, just scribble. Let it all out. Don’t think, just draw!

12. Energy Healing

Practices such as Reiki, acupuncture, or Qigong can help balance your energy fields, enhancing your spiritual vibration and strengthening your aura.

13. Detoxification

Regular detoxification through methods like fasting or sauna use can cleanse your body and elevate your spiritual and physical vibrations.

Detoxification is rarely needed, so always check with your medical provider to test your vitals and levels before attempting a detox of any kind.

14. Aromatherapy

Using essential oils can influence your mood and energy, helping to uplift your spirit and vibration.

Try It Now: Smell your favorite scent and notice how it makes you feel. Peppermint oil is one of our favorites for raising vibrations.

15. Crystal Healing

Working with crystals can help balance your energy centers or chakras, raising your spiritual vibration.

Try It Now: Use crystals to influence how you’re feeling and how your energy flows by placing one into the palm of your hands and noticing how you begin to feel.

16. Spiritual Reading

Reading spiritual texts or uplifting literature can provide inspiration, knowledge, and a vibrational lift.

Try It Now: Shop for spiritual books.

17. Forgiveness

Practicing forgiveness, both of yourself and others, releases emotional baggage and raises your spiritual vibration.

Don’t worry. Forgiveness doesn’t mean ignoring harmful behavior and letting someone repeat the same action again and again.

Instead, forgiveness means freeing yourself of the negative mindset that someone else’s actions have put you in.

Forgiveness means expanding your worldview to understand what made a person act the way they did; it does not mean that their actions are justified, it just helps you navigate the energy more positively.

Forgiveness means forgiving yourself for letting your beautiful light be impacted by someone else’s dark vibes.

18. Laughter and Joy

Engaging in activities that bring you joy or make you laugh can instantly elevate your vibration.

Try It Now: Literally, laugh. For no reason at all. For science.

19. Sound Healing

Listening to or participating in a sound bath with singing bowls, gongs, or chanting can help clear blockages and increase your vibration.

A collection of colorful, illuminated singing bowls displayed on a wooden shelf.

20. Community Connection

Surrounding yourself with a supportive and like-minded community can enhance your spiritual growth and raise your vibration through shared energy and intentions.

Try It Now: Use our Coven Finder to search for like-minded people near you.

21. Color Therapy

Placing yourself around colors that make you feel joy and happiness is a great place to start.

Try It Now: Wear a yellow item and notice how you begin to feel throughout the day.

22. Sleep

Sleep is our body’s natural time to repair, relax, and connect. When we dream, our minds process the day’s adventures and our soul gets new information on how to move forward.

Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per day.

Fitbit app showing 7h 24m of sleep, 375 steps, and 2 mindful days.

Things To Avoid That Lower Your Vibration

Several factors can lower your spiritual vibration, leading to feelings of disconnection, negativity, and imbalance.

Get The List: 13 Toxic Activities That Lower Vibrational Frequency

One of the primary culprits is stress, which can stem from overwork, personal conflicts, or the pressures of daily life. Stress creates a cascade of physical and emotional reactions that can dampen your energy levels and cloud your spiritual clarity.

Similarly, negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and fear can lower your vibration. These emotions not only disrupt your inner peace but also affect your ability to connect positively with others and the world around you.

Another significant factor is the consumption of low-vibrational foods, which include processed, artificial, and heavily polluted substances.

Such foods can burden your body, making it harder for you to maintain a high vibrational state. Additionally, a lack of connection with nature can also lead to a lowered vibration.

Spending too much time indoors, away from the natural world, can disconnect you from the earth’s healing energies.

Lastly, surrounding yourself with negativity, whether through toxic relationships, unsupportive environments, or excessive consumption of negative media, can significantly impact your spiritual vibration, pulling you away from a state of harmony and balance.

What Is Vibrational Frequency?

“Vibrational Frequency” is what we’re currently calling the feeling of being closer to a strong spiritual state.

When we’re feeling very spiritual, we feel connected to our purpose in life. Things such as stress and exhaustion tend to make us feel less spiritual and more stuck. By raising your vibration, you give yourself and your body the freedom to heal and thrive.

What Does It Mean To Raise Your Vibration?

Raising your vibration means letting go of things that are holding you back from happiness, good health, and strong spirituality.

What did you think of our everyday ways to raise spiritual vibrations by removing negative energy through positive energy activities? Will you give these a try?

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