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13 Toxic Activities That Lower Vibrational Frequency

Feeling disconnected from your spiritual journey?

Does your body and mind feel heavy?

Wish it felt easier to work towards enlightenment?

The best way to continue on your own powerful, spiritual path is to make sure that your mind and body are healthy and thriving.

That way, your body spends its energy on spiritual growth and happiness.

What Causes Lower Vibrations?

Various internal and external factors that negatively impact your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being all lead to a lower vibration.

The harder your body and mind work, the lower your vibration. The more stress your body has, the lower your vibrational frequency.

While you work to raise your vibrational frequency, be sure to avoid things that lower your frequency.

What’s Lowering My Vibrational Frequency?

Here are 13 things that could contribute to a lower vibrational frequency:

  1. Negative Thinking: Constantly indulging in negative thoughts about yourself, others, or situations can significantly lower your vibration. This is because the more negatively you think, the more stress you feel; stress keeps you from easily connecting to your Higher Self.
  2. Holding Onto Grudges: Not forgiving past hurts and holding onto anger or resentment ties your energy to low vibrational emotions.
  3. Poor Diet: Consuming foods that are heavily processed, high in sugar, or low in nutritional value can affect your physical health and, by extension, your vibrational frequency. Anything that makes your body work harder or forces your body to continuously heal, such as substance abuse, keeps your body farther from your spiritual path.
  4. Lack of Exercise: Physical activity is not only good for the body but also for the spirit. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to stagnation of energy.
  5. Ignoring Self-Care: Neglecting your own needs, whether it’s not getting enough sleep, not engaging in activities that bring you joy, or neglecting your mental health, can lower your vibration.
  6. Toxic Relationships: Spending time with people who drain your energy or who are constantly negative can affect your own vibrational frequency.
  7. Substance Abuse: Overindulging in alcohol, drugs, or other substances as a means of escape can cloud your consciousness and lower your vibration.
  8. Overconsumption of Media: Constant exposure to violent, negative, or fear-inducing media can impact your view of the world and your emotional state.
  9. Lack of Connection with Nature: Spending too much time indoors or in urban settings without connecting with the natural world can disconnect you from the earth’s high vibrational energy.
  10. Not Living Authentically: Suppressing your true self, whether due to fear of judgment or trying to meet others’ expectations, can lead to a disconnection from your higher self.
  11. Gossiping and Judging Others: Engaging in negative talk about others not only harms them but also lowers your own vibrational energy.
  12. Materialism: Overemphasis on material possessions and external success can lead to a lack of fulfillment and a disconnect from spiritual values.
  13. Fear-Based Thinking: Allowing fear to dominate your thoughts and actions can prevent you from living fully and keep you in a low vibrational state.

Improving these areas can help raise your vibrational frequency, promoting a sense of well-being, happiness, and spiritual connection.

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