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  • Magical Uses: Healing & Pain Management 🩹
  • Also known as Seftonite ❤
  • 8mm beads. Elastic, one-size-fits-all 📏


  • Great for beautiful waterfall incense ♨
  • Use with backflow incense burners & waterfall incense burners ✨
  • 20 waterfall incense cones ⭐

Out of stock

  • Crystal Meanings: Balance, Peace, Love 💚
  • Enchant for happiness & friendship ✨
  • 8mm beads. Elastic. One-size-fits-most 📏


  • Perfect for cottagecore aesthetic ✨
  • Sleek oval-shape for longer small petitions 📜
  • 3" long x 2 1/4" wide x 1 3/4" tall 📏


  • Eucalyptus' Spiritual Uses: Healing, protection 💚
  • Perfect in shower sachets 🚿
  • 1 ounce of dried leaves ⚖


  • Perfect to represent the water element in your sacred space 🌊
  • Biodegradable candle made of 100% beeswax & essential oil 🕯
  • 4.25" tall. 1.25" wide. 📏

Out of stock

  • Perfect for small altar spaces ⭐
  • Great for extinguishing small jar candles 🕯
  • 3" long. 2" tall bell 📏


  • Perfect for dedication rituals 🙏
  • Anoint a white candle and ask the Gods a question. Listen for an answer 🕯
  • 2 drams. External use only. ⭐





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