Plentiful Earth is a Witch-owned, online Witch Shop that empowers Pagans to own their power.

We create strong, empowered individuals. We create healthy standards to live by. We create a better world for the Witches of tomorrow. PS: We’re a black-owned business.


Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


This stunning tarot deck is the perfect set of tarot cards for beginner readers!

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California white Sage bundle


The benefits of burning sage include protection from negative energies. Simply light and burn.

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Wheel of the Year Poster


See when the Pagan holidays and Wiccan holidays are at a glance with this Witchy wall poster.

Buy Wiccan Art

Rose essence oil – 2 dram


Rose oil is a perfect ingredient for love spells or as a beautifully delicate perfume.

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Ouija Planchette Necklace


Nothing screams occult symbolism like this Witchy necklace. 

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Chakra White Sage Smudge


Start your chakra healing journey now! Unblock and open your chakras with smoke healing.

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Pink Witch Cauldron


Also known as a “Witch Pot,” this cast iron cauldron is great for burning petition love spells.

Buy Cast Iron Cauldrons

Sweetgrass braid


Sweetgrass smudging is a Native American practice that reminds us that Earth is our home.

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Be true to you. Wiccan, Pagan, Christian, Hindu, Spiritual supplies. Letโ€™s CoExist together.

No matter your spiritual path, weโ€™re all able to do incredible things. No matter what you call it,
your power is yours. You are Human.

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