Your Book of Shadows

Whether you’re a solitary practitioner or if your spiritual path includes a coven, everything you need to know to finish your year and a day is below! Follow the Wiccan rede, cast spells, and love the Mother Goddess and Horned God. We’re excited to live in harmony with you, Witch!

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Altar Pentacle Plate: What It Is & How To Use One

A pentacle plate, commonly referred to as an altar pentacle or altar tile, is a👉

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Wiccan Glossary: 100+ Terms For Your Journey Into Wicca

A ● B ● C ● D ● E ● F ● G ● H👉

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How To Test For & Remove The Evil Eye: The Italian Folk Method

Feel like bad luck is following you around? Still running through a string of bad👉

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How To Stop Nightmares: 5 Before-Bed Chants That Help You Sleep Better

Embark on a journey through soothing chants designed to usher peace and protection as you👉

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