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Mabon Ritual for Ultimate Balance

Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox, is a time for coming to terms with life and realizing that everything balances out! There is always something positive that comes from the negative! Our brains are naturally trained to pinpoint the harsh side of reality, when in fact, reality has multiple perspectives. You have the power to pick which side of a situation you fixate on! 

Just as Persephone splits her time between the Livingworld and the Underworld, you too can split your attention between negativity and positivity. This balance gives us control over our lives.

Mabon is celebrated on September 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and on March 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. There are many ways to celebrate this Pagan holiday, and this time, we chose to celebrate the balance that makes us human!

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Mabon Ritual for Ultimate Balance

Spell Timing

Spell Ingredients

  • Brown Candle, for letting go
  • Gold or Yellow Candle, for empowering
  • Red Wine or Red Grape Juice, for letting go
  • Red or Black Grapes, for letting go
  • White Wine or White Grape Juice, for calling in
  • White Grapes, for calling in
  • Pomegranate seeds or juice, for connecting to your Inner Self
  • Sapphire or Amethyst, for comfort and protection
  • Patchouli oil or incense, for grounding
  • Any Mabon correspondences to decorate your altar with

Spell Instructions

  1. Prepare: Cleanse and prepare your sacred space by using sage and/or palo santo! Decorate your altar by arranging the black/red grapes, red wine, and brown candle on the left and the white grapes, white wine, and gold candle on the right. Place your other decor on the altar in a way that makes you feel happy.
  2. Cast: Cast a protective circle around your sacred space to keep harmful energies out and beneficial energies in. Here’s a simple circle casting spell to get you started!
  3. Evoke:
    “This circle is bound | With power all around | Between the worlds I stand | With power and protection at hand. | I call upon the Bacchus on this Mabon night | To celebrate all ways my life has gone right! | I call upon Persephone | and evoke her power of duality. | I call upon Hades with all my might | To remember that with darkness comes light.”
  4. Empower
    1. Empower your pomegranate as an elixir to help you connect with your Inner Self. 
    2. Empower and light the brown candle to represent the annoying things in your life.
    3. Empower the red grapes and wine to represent the annoying things that you’re acknowledging, internalizing, and letting go of.
    4. Empower and light the white candle to represent the positive viewpoint you’ll take on the things that annoy you.
    5. Empower the white grapes and wine to represent the positive side that you’ll take into yourself.
  5. Meditate: Eat the pomegranate seeds. Say “Into my depths I take these seeds to visit with and see my own unseen.”
    Close your eyes, and ask to see the areas you need to grow in. Meditate on all of your experiences, issues, wins, and losses. Write them down when you come out of meditation.
  6. Manifest Healthy Balance: 
    1. Eat a red grape, say aloud one thing you now understand from one of your struggles.
    2. Eat a white grape, say aloud one positive thing you learned from your struggles.
    3. Take a sip of red wine, say aloud one thing you have or need the strength to overcome.
    4. Take a sip of white wine, say aloud one positive thing you’re calling into your life.
    5. Repeat until you’re happy or you run out of struggles!
  7. Thank & Release: “Thank you Bacchus, Persephone, and Hades! Your love, understanding, warmth, and happiness are always welcome here! Hail, and farewell; stay if you like. Leave if you must”
  8. Close: Close your circle in your favorite way, or use the closing instructions from our simple circle cast ritual.
  9. Offering: Place any leftover grapes and wine outside overnight. Clean it up in the morning.

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