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Exactly as I had imagined they would be. Was updated throughout the whole packaging and shipping process. Thanks!

Minda C. / Verified Shopper / Bone Edler Futhark Runes

Finally found it!!! Been looking for a while. Good amount at a reasonable price.

MSG ret Terry Hansen / Verified Shopper / Benzoin Incense Powder – 1/3 oz.

The athame is perfect. It arrived today & it will be cleansed, purified and charged for use at the solstice & many years thereafter. It feels _right_… and I know it seems fanciful, but Plentiful Earth has positive, good energy that I can sense in the athame and the packaging. It arrived promptly despite the difficult time and shut-downs we have experienced. Just perfect.

Wendy / Verified Shopper / Fleur de Lis Athame

Plentiful Earth offers Witches, new and old, every product, charm, and piece of knowledge they could need to make their World a better place.

Plentiful Earth’s passion is YOU!

Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to create their ideal world, and in turn help those worlds create a better world for tomorrow.

Real change starts with us.

A radiant woman with a witchy floral crown smiles on a sunny day, surrounded by others in a joyful and festive atmosphere.
A metaphysical composition of flora: soft pink and rich blue blossoms accompanied by dainty white flowers and green leaves against a textured gray backdrop.

Our world = a better place.

Plentiful Earth aims to foster:

  • True coexistence
  • True equality
  • True empowerment
  • A better world for future Spiritualists


A cheerful person with a bright smile, wavy hair, and a peace sign gesture against a light blue background, showcasing the aura of a metaphysical shop.

Aurora Moone
Head Witch | Owner

A stark black and white portrait of a bearded man staring straight into the camera, with shadows casting dramatic contrasts on his face, evoking a witchy aura.

Obsidian Veilwalker
Witch | SEO Consultant

A young woman with curly hair and subtle makeup giving a gentle, contemplative gaze in a metaphysical shop.

Victoria Kemp | Khianay
Witch | Social Media Manager

A young woman wearing stylish glasses with a subtle, witchy smile on her face.

Rachel Goldlust
Author | Contributor

A monochrome close-up of a smiling person wearing glasses, a nose piercing, and a witchy beanie hat with a braided hairstyle, outdoors on a sunny day.

Michelle Simkins
Witch | Guest Contributor

A monochrome selfie of a smiling woman with a headband, hoop earring, and a subtle nose piercing, exuding a confident, friendly, and spiritual vibe.

Witch | Guest Contributor

A smiling young woman with a headband and choker necklace sitting in front of a wall with circular patterns, holding a new age product.

Stephanie Rivera
Wiccan | Guest Contributor

Black and white portrait of a woman with an updo hairstyle, witchy earrings, wearing a necklace, and giving a subtle smile to the camera.

Joie Grandbois
Witch | Guest Contributor

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Eira Hanson
Herbalist | Guest Contributor

Black and white selfie of a young woman with bangs, wearing a black top with sequined sleeves, making a subtle pout, with a soft-focused background adorned by new age products.

Lolly Hamilton
Wiccan | Guest Contributor

A monochrome portrait of a woman with flowing hair and a spiritual expression.

Evelyn Cotton
Witch | Guest Contributor

Black and white portrait of a smiling woman with curly hair and glasses in a metaphysical shop.

Graeme Seabrook
Witch | Guest Contributor

A black and white portrait of a young woman with glasses wearing dark lipstick and a necklace from a metaphysical shop, posing before a plain background.

Allison Campbell
Wiccan | Guest Contributor

A black-and-white photograph capturing a spontaneous moment where a woman's hair is playfully tossed by the wind, obscuring her face as she stands on a path amid a natural, spiritual setting.

Madra Banrion
Witch | Guest Contributor