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Exactly as I had imagined they would be. Was updated throughout the whole packaging and shipping process. Thanks!

Minda C. / Verified Shopper / Bone Edler Futhark Runes

Finally found it!!! Been looking for a while. Good amount at a reasonable price.

MSG ret Terry Hansen / Verified Shopper / Benzoin Incense Powder โ€“ 1/3 oz.

The athame is perfect. It arrived today & it will be cleansed, purified and charged for use at the solstice & many years thereafter. It feels _right_โ€ฆ and I know it seems fanciful, but Plentiful Earth has positive, good energy that I can sense in the athame and the packaging. It arrived promptly despite the difficult time and shut-downs we have experienced. Just perfect.

Wendy / Verified Shopper / Fleur de Lis Athame

Plentiful Earth offers Witches, new and old, every product, charm, and piece of knowledge they could need to make their World a better place.

Plentiful Earthโ€™s passion is YOU!

Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to create their ideal world, and in turn help those worlds create a better world for tomorrow.

Real change starts with us.


Our world = a better place.

Plentiful Earth aims to foster:

  • True coexistence
  • True equality
  • True empowerment
  • A better world for future Spiritualists


Aurora Moone
Head Witch | Owner

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Obsidian Veilwalker
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Rachel Goldlust
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Madra Banrion
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