In just 29 days, 6 daily tasks can help you:

Triple lightning bolts on a green background, perfect for a metaphysical shop.

Boost manifestations

Prayer hands surrounded by a radiant glow with floating golden sparkles, symbolizing faith, hope, or spirituality in a metaphysical shop.

Bring natural peace

A pink crystal ball on a purple stand with a witchy, mystical aura.

Get daily guidance

A delightful animated speech bubble with an adorable face, surrounded by colorful stars and witchy symbols, exuding a cheerful and friendly vibe.

Regulate emotions

A cheerful cartoon unicorn with a purple mane and a golden horn, adorned with blue stars, embodying a witchy aura.

Foster happiness

A stylized icon of a new age product, a plastic water bottle with a blue cap and label.

Promote hydration

A stylized graphic of an eye with a brown iris, depicted against a green background with a couple of abstract yellow accents that suggest sparkles or light reflections, ideal for a metaphysical shop's branding

Increase focus

A digital drawing of a hand making a mini heart gesture with a red heart floating above it, exuding spiritual affection and love.

Regulate hormone production

Witches, we know a little about the macrocosm and the microcosm. You know: “As above so below” and “Inner changes promote outer beauty.”

This challenge builds your inner foundation to help you naturally manifest outer balance and power.

Do these 6 daily tasks for 29 days:

Two people toasting with cups against the backdrop of a serene lake and mountain landscape, embodying the spirit of adventure and friendship, reflective of the new age product vibe.

Drink more water each day.

Drink what your doctor recommends! A hydrated body is a happy body! Being hydrated has incredibly positive effects on mental health conditions.

A serene reading moment with a fresh cup of tea, surrounded by the gentle touch of white flowers and the witchy aura of a new age product.

Read 13 pages of a spiritual book a day.

Is there a more magical number than 13? This helps us build our visualization skills, which are great for manifesting intentions!

cast spells

Focus on manifesting your goal for 5 minutes a day.

Your favorite spells, intention setting, prayers, Pagan religion practice, or the Law of Attraction works here!

A woman meditating outside in autumn leaves

Meditate for at least 3 minutes a day.

Any meditation practice works here! Guided meditation, body scan meditations, mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, or any meditation you like!

A person practicing yoga in a tranquil forest, finding balance and spiritual peace amidst nature.

Ground and center at least once a day.

Stand outside with bare feet, hold your favorite grounding crystal, hug a tree, or hold a potted plant!

A hand holding a tarot card above a spread of beautifully designed occult tarot cards on a lace cloth.

Do 1 divination a day.

Pull 1 tarot card, ask 1 pendulum question, reference daily astrology, seek out a numerology chart, or do your favorite psychic activity!

Do these 1x a week:

A hand holding a bundle of dried herbs with a pink fabric and a piece of wood on a wooden surface for spiritual rituals.

Cleanse your aura at least once a week

An atmospheric autumn scene with lit candles nestled among pumpkins and intertwining branches, evoking a mys*terious and cozy Halloween vibe, intensified by the presence of occult symbols scattered subtly throughout.

Perform your favorite type of magic once a week

When do I start?

This challenge starts on each new moon!
Next Starting Date: New Moon, December 4, 2021
Future Starting Dates: Next New Moon

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Why is the New Moon New You Challenge 29 days?

Many Witches manifest big goals by using the moon cycle! We start big manifestations at the New Moon and make space for the manifestation to be completed by the next New Moon. 

A Moon cycle is a very magical and powerful time!

So, we’re leveraging the natural calendar cycle of the moon to align our energy with the universe!

In numerology, the energy of 29 vibrates at the same level as Master Number 11. We won’t make you do math, we promise (29 = 2 + 9 = 11).

11 is a Master Number that opens us up to divine guidance from our Higher Selves and Ascended Masters. In short, 11 sends us the cosmic truths we need to live a balanced life.

Learn more about numerology with this app: OurNumerology (Apple | Android)

29 days is enough time to form a new habit! It can take anywhere from 18 days to 265 days to build a new habit; 66 days is the average amount of time it takes.

So, when you finish this first Moon Cycle, we recommend that you do repeat the process! #ForYourHealth

*The New Moon New You Challenge is not a replacement for mental health care or standard health care. Always consult with your physicians, therapists, psychologists, or other medical professionals before making changes to your treatment.