A woman reflecting on her beauty in the mirror with text overlay suggesting a magical transformation: "Metaphysical mirror glamour spell to change your appearance.

Mirror Glamour Spell to Change Your Appearance

We’ve all seen the scene from The Craft. Sarah throws a glamour by touching the flame, the rose, and then her hair, transforming her brunette mane into a stunning blond do! Every girl since 1996 has wanted to the a Witch who can change herself at will, and here we are, today! So, let’s practice glamours!


Don’t worry, we’ll start small. Just small details for this spell!

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Mirror Glamour Spell to Change Your Appearance

Best performed: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the Waxing or Full Moon

Spell Ingredients

  • 1 Small Mirror, best if decorated with a silver frame or handle
  • 1 Palo Santo Stick
  • 1 Red Candle, to add power to the spell
  • 1 Rose Quartz, plus more to decorate
  • Micellar Water
  • Cotton ball or cotton pad
  • Any Jewelry or makeup you plan to wear

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Spell Directions

  1. Cleanse: Use the Palo Santo to cleanse your sacred space and all items for this glamour ritual! (PSST: This spell can be done anywhere, your vanity, your bathroom, or in your magickal space.)
  2. Cast: Cast your magickal circle to seal in the energies of your sacred space. (Don’t know how? Check out this beginner circle cast tutorial.)
  3. Decorate: Decorate your space with your mirror and extra rose quartz. (You can place crystals in places that feel right on your altar/counter OR you can create a beauty illusion crystal grid.)
  4. Prep/Create Glamour Potion: Add one rose quartz to your micellar water. Say: “Pasithea, Aphrodite, see my wishes shine through brightly.”
  5. The Spell: Hold the mirror in your recessive hand, the hand that receives.
    1. Look at your face, specifically at the part that you want to change. Say: “My face (or specific part of you) seen only to me. I create the canvas for others to see.”
    2. Still looking at your face, dip your cotton into the micellar water. Enchant the cotton by saying: “Now a canvas, I wipe it clean, Only what I visualize shall be seen.”
    3. Begin wiping the Micellar Glamour Potion over your full face, being sure to pay special attention to the the area you want to change. As you wipe, allow your vision to go cloudy, like you would when scrying in a black mirror.
    4. Look into the mirror and see exactly what you want others to see. Be sure to see the rest of your face in tact as well. (I usually go for a folded eyelid flap above my eyes.)
    5. Once you’re satisfied with your visualization, say, “What I see will be seen by all, until I let my glamour fall. And it harm none, so mote it be.”
  6. Close your circle: Place the mirror down, thank Aprhodite and Pasithea and release your circle.
  7. Repeat: Glamours take multiple and repetitive visualizations and energy to keep up. So everytime you pass a mirror, visualize your glamour. People who don’t know you well will see your glamour, and over time, close friends will notice your glamour, and after a long time, the glamour becomes physical.

Spell: Copyright 2018 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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