What are Essential Oils?

We use essential oils in spells, in inhalers, and in diffusers, but how often do we think of where those wellness elixirs come from? We know that lavender essential oil is great for relaxation, and eucalyptus oil is good for respiratory illness. But what is an essential oil? We’ll give you the easy definition.

What is an essential oil?

By definition, essential oils are the liquid that is directly extracted from a plant through distillation or expression. This liquid contains multiple essential, life sustaining compounds that vary by plant, and these individual compounds are the concentrated aromatic and absorbable chemicals that we use to heal or harm.

Some essential oils contain as many as 220 compounds! As you can see, essential oils are very concentrated, which is why it’s important to dilute them before use.

I’ve steeped my herbs in oil. Have I made essential oil?

No, what you have made is, what we call, an essence oil. You have taken an essential oil (natural carrier oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil) and added a new herb to it. Because not all of the healing compounds of herbs can be extracted with oil, you will not be receiving all of the compounds of your herb.

Essence oil is great for energetic healing work, but not physical healing work.

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