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What is a Wiccan Circle? Do I need to cast one?

If you’re new to Wicca, chances are you’ve heard, read, or seen a lot about “circles” and casting them! Before you get the image of the small child tossing a wooden hoop down the dirt road, let us steer you toward something much more beautiful!

What is a Wiccan Circle?

Circles represent the ever-moving, ever-transforming energy which has no beginning and no end. When we draw a circle in art class, it consists of a single line, smoothly drawn with no hard corners, no hard stops, and a seamless transition back into itself. Even after you stop drawing the circle, your eye can continue to circle around as many times as you would like. There is no slowing down, no stopping, just ever-moving energy. The circle then becomes a boundary; everything inside of the circle is safe, folding upon itself and becoming stronger, and everything outside of the circle is chaos with no rhyme or reason. The circle contains whatever you put inside of it. When you erase the circle, what was held inside is now free to interact with life outside of the circle.

The Wiccan Circle is a sphere of protection from unfocused and uncleansed outside energies. It is a place of safety for the Wiccan and his or her working. It is a sanctuary for the Wiccan to hold, empower, and charge energies specifically for a spell in a condensed space, allowing for the supercharged energy to be released as a packet of energy directly towards its goal of manifestation.

Do I need to cast a Circle to do spells?

Without a circle (or sphere, rather), the energy for your spells spreads out and mingles with the random energies in your home or space. This does not allow you to send your spell, all at once, for manifestation. Parts of your spells energy gets left behind, slowing down your manifestation.

So, yes, you do need to cast a circle to do the most perfect form of your spell.

In “People Terms”, Please!

Casting a Wiccan circle is like blowing a bubble.

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Doing Magick without a Circle
Imagine yourself blowing air from your lips. When you blow out, the air from your lips just goes into the space around you. No matter what you do, you can’t force your breath to go directly up towards the sky. There’s no way of knowing that your energy is going up to be manifested.

Doing Magick with a Circle
Now, imagine yourself blowing air from your lips into a bubble wand. When you blow the air from your lips, its immediately placed within a circular, soapy shell. When it’s ready, it floats up, up, and up towards the sky. All of your air goes up towards the sky, in one neat package.

The Wiccan Circle is your soap bubble! The sphere of energy holds all of your thoughts, wishes, and spells in one neat package and carries it up then back down to be manifested.

Give yourself a focus. Keep your energies safe, untainted, concentrated, and strong by casting a circle.

Ready to cast your own Magickal Circle?

Click here for a Basic Wiccan Circle Cast!

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