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Magickal Correspondences of Palo Santo | Materia Magicka

If you love cleansing your home and sacred space with Sage, then you’ll love palo santo!

This ancient wood clears stale, harmful, unwanted energy, just like sage, but it also instills a feeling of love in your sacred space!

This beautiful, yellow wood raises the energies to their highest, most pure state, which is filled with universal love.

It is and has been regarded as a holy wood in South America for centuries; its roots are deeply steeped in the healing, purifying, and medicinal practices of our world ancestors.

To give a scope of its spiritual power, this cleansing plant belongs to the same family as frankincense, myrrh, and copal!

Literally meaning “Holy Wood”, it makes a great energy cleanser and positivity amplifier! It literally fills your space with holy, universal love!

Plentiful Earth’s favorite way to use this sweet, smoky, citrus, minty, piney smelling wood is as a followup to energy cleansing with sage.

This is part of our full dictionary of herbal Materia Magicka!

Now, let’s learn all of the spiritual properties, metaphysical properties, magickal properties, and healing properties of Holy Wood!

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Magickal Correspondences of Palo Santo | A Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Bursera graveolens

Folk Name

  • Holy Wood


  • White-tinted sticks: Male
  • Yellow-tinted sticks: Female


palo santo ruled by air
Palo Santo is ruled by the element of Air.
  • Air
  • Water


  • Mercury
  • Venus


  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Aquarius


  • Sacral Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Crown Chakra

Magical Properties Of Palo Santo

  • Meditation Aid: Burn a bit of the wooden stick before meditation to clear your mind.
  • Anxiety and stress banisher: The aroma of the burning wood or oil reduces anxiety and stress. It can also be used as a charm to be carried.
  • Clears harmful energies from people, places, and things: Similar to burning a sage bundle, this South American Holy Wood can be burned to clear harmful energies by raising their vibration.
  • Spiritual connection intensifier: Every time you use this plant, it attunes your body to the vibration of the universe.
  • Creativity enhancer
  • Universal Love catalyst: When burned or worn, palo santo raises the vibrations of the energy around you to the highest point of universal love.
  • Luck

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