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Numerology Meaning – Master Number 99

Universal love. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Universal love is the main focus of the number 99 in numerology, and that love is broken down into five major parts which are humanitarianism, tolerance, compassion, idealism, and philanthropy. This makes it the perfect number for spreading enlightened and positive energies around the world.

As an all-encompassing number, 99 deals with worldwide energies, helping to bring the world together in a vastly humanitarian and enlightened way. At its core, the numerology behind number 99 is humanitarianism, an active and real concern for the welfare of humanity.

99 is a master number, and in numerology, that means that it is an evolved and expanded version of the number 9. We can think of master numbers as being the macrocosm, or larger picture, while single-digit numbers are more localized, internal, and part of the microcosm.

Master numbers deal with worldly and universal energies.

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Numerology Meaning – Master Number 99

  • Humanitarianism
    • Deep love and kindness towards others through gratitude, acceptance, compassion, and idealism. These things help the world grow and maintain its forward motion.
  • Tolerance
    • Understanding that we are all beautiful inhabitants of the same world and accepting the roles of others that share the same space and life as you do.
  • Compassion/Universal Love
    • Learning to let go of personal ego and opening your heart to loving and caring for those who share the same space and life as you do.
  • Idealism
    • Pure creation without boundaries leads to the advancement of our modern lives! Having big dreams about helping impoverished countries or creating the idea of gratitude to spread universal love gives others hope to move towards a larger, great cause.
  • Philanthropy
    • By donating time, resources, or money, we help to move the world to a better place.
  • Universal Consciousness
    • Feeling the connection to others and knowing that your actions have an effect on the consciousness of others. You can change the world, or macrocosm, by changing yourself, the microcosm.

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