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What Does Invoke Mean? Your Witchcraft Dictionary

Your candles are lit. Incense is going. Are you about to invoke a spirit without knowing?

In the world of rituals and Witchcraft, there are many ways to bring change into life: manifesting an object or energy to you through evocation and calling an object or energy into yourself through invocation.

As Witches, we know how important words, their meanings, and their energy is to our craft. 

Functional language creates change on every plane and with every sense; words are not just words.

Therefore, it’s very important to understand the difference between invoke and evoke.

So, how do you know if your newly discovered spell is meant to bring something to you or gain control over something by placing inside of you?


Let’s learn what our spells are really asking us to do when they say ‘invoke’ a spirit, entity, thoughtform, or energy.

What Does It Mean To Invoke?

For this definition, we’re going to stick to the spiritual definition.

What Does Invoke Mean?

The word invoke comes from Latin ‘invoco’, meaning to call upon or summon.

In witchcraft, invoking means calling upon spirits or deities for assistance.

Invoking is a ritualistic practice that involves asking for something specific.

For example, if you want to get rid of a bad habit, you might ask for help from a deity who represents good luck.

If you want to attract love, you might ask for a blessing from a god or goddess of love.

Invoke Definition

‘Invoke’ means:

  • “to call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for inspiration.”
  • “to call forth by incantation; conjure.”
  • “to call into one’s Self.”

Invoke Pronunciation

‘Invoke’ is pronounced “uhn·vowk”.

Invoke Synonyms

Words that are similar to ‘invoke’ are: 

  • summon
  • conjure
  • supplicate
  • request
  • call in
  • turn to
  • use
  • beg
  • implore

Invoke Antonyms

A word that is the opposite of ‘invoke’ is: 

  • give

Is It Invoke Or Evoke?

Invoke typically means to call something in, in a direct, material, and internal way, while evoke typically means to call something forth, in an ethereal, intellectual, and external way.

When Witches invoke something, they call it into a space, vessel, or person. 

When Witches evoke something, they ask for its presence to be around and available. 

How To Easily Remember The Difference Between Invoke and Evoke

To remember the difference easily, look at the first letter of each word: 

  • Invoke – I – In – Bring into.
  • Evoke – E – External – Work alongside.

How To Use ‘Invoke’ In Witchy Sentences

Sometimes the meaning of ‘invoke’ can be subtle, so here’s how Witches will typically use this word.

  • I invoke the energies of love into my aura.
  • I invoke the spirit of poetry into my mind so that I may create the perfect spell.
  • Nancy Downs invoked the spirit of Manon into her body.

Invocations tend to help or cause the spiritualist to give over some control to a new type of energy. While evocations tend to create a partnership.

As a contrast, here is how ‘evoke’ would be used by Witches:

  • I evoke the protection of Ares around myself and my space.

Types Of Invocation & Ways To Invoke

Invocations can be done in many different ways, such as: 

  • Self-identification with certain spirits or energies.
  • Mediumship or possession.
  • Command or conjuration.

Invocation Tips When Deciding To Invoke

Before you try any form of invocation, be sure you’re very good at: 

  • Aura cleansing.
  • Energy cleansing.
  • Psychic protection.
  • Knowing your true self.
  • Completely understand and be firm about your goals.
  • Banishing.

Be a Sarah, not a Nancy.


So, will you be invoking or evoking in your next ritual?

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