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How to Connect to the Goddesses and Gods

You’ve been on the Witchcraft path for a little while now, and people are starting to ask you things like, “Have you found your patron Goddess?” or “Have you talked to your patron God yet?” Those deity names sound so important that it makes the idea of speaking to them seem overwhelming. The good news? It’s actually very easy to connect and communicate with the Goddess and God! I’ll show you how I do it!

Connecting with a patron deity is one of the best things you’ll experience in your magickal practice. They’ll help guide you in your craft, unlock hidden knowledge, or might show you past lives. However, not everyone is sure about how to connect with them.

This is okay! We are all in different stages within our craft, so don’t feel bad if you’ve spent years on your path and haven’t been able to make a connection yet. There’s over five thousand deity’s that are worshiped today. That’s a crazy number if you think about it. So connecting with one or two of them is a really unique and special experience all in itself.

Skills Needed to connect to your Patron Deity

Step 1: Pick a Deity

Easy! Select who you’d like to connect with!

Often times, you will have seen signs of who to connect to, or you might be called to the name of a deity! If so, choose it and move to step 2!

If you’re not sure of what deity is calling to you that’s ok. Just use lose terms like “Lord” or “Lady”, instead of the deity’s name, until you are certain of their name. It may come to you in time. Don’t worry; they won’t get offended, and this will work just the same! Now, move to step 2!

The goal of Step 1

The goal is to get yourself ready to communicate and let your deity to know that you’re ready to listen. Step 1 will allow you to start hearing the deity’s voice, so this is a very important and necessary step.

Step 2: Find a Quiet Space

Find a space in which you won’t be interrupted for 20-30 minutes. If you know your Deity’s correspondences, try to find or decorate a space that contains some of those items.

Once you’ve made the decision on which deity you want to connect to, you’re ready to start hearing your deity. At this point, they’re already starting to communicate to you. Sometimes, the messages can be hard to hear so you will need a quiet room.

The goal of Step 2

The goal is to remove extra noise in order to hear the subtle sounds of your God or Goddess.

Step 3: Get Comfortable + Cast your Circle

Next, you’ll need to get into a comfortable position. I usually sit on the floor or in a chair. Cast a circle of protection around you; this sacred space will act as a beacon to your Deity.

The goal of Step 3

The goal is to take the extra stress off of your mind and body so that all of your senses are focused on hearing your Goddess or God. Putting your spark of energy and magick out into the Universe helps Deity see your call.

Step 4: Call Out + Connect

Now close your eyes, and focus on the darkness or the backs of your eyelids. Now, call out to your deity. When you hear or see anything that seems to be random, you’ve connected. Remember to respect and acknowledge them when you think you’ve noticed them. Remember, nothing is a coincidence.

  1. Call out to them a few times in your mind, and then begin to talk to them out loud.
  2. Tell them directly that “You wish to connect with them”.
  3. Tell them what your intentions are.
  4. Tell them your desires about the craft, and how you wish to grow within the craft and with them.
  5. Tell them what is in your heart.

Practice daily until you can start to hear your deity talking to you clearly OR related shapes or visions appear in your mind’s eye.

Initially, your Deity might sound like someone is calling to you from a distant room in your house. Practice this until you hear or see them clearly.

Yes, it’s okay if the voice sounds like it’s inside of your head.

The goal of Step 4

The goal is to begin to make the initial connection and help your body get used to this extra sense. It’s okay if it takes a few rounds of practice. It’s also okay if you can only see answers instead of hearing them; we all interpret these etherial messages differently.

Step 5: See Your Deity

Once you can hear or understand your Deity clearly, it’s time to ask your Deity show themselves to you. As a fair warning, this step might be the longest to accomplish, but don’t give up! They will show themselves to you when it is time!

When you finally connect yourself to your deity there won’t be any doubt in your mind if you did or not. So keep trying to connect with your deity in till it happens. Once you do you’ll be amazed and wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

Now that you’ve made a connection with your deity you’ll need to nurture your relationship with them. Don’t demand things when you don’t get your way. Always show respect for them and what they do. Feel free to ask questions about anything you want to know.

You should also leave some type of offering for them every few months. Just a little food and drink are good. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just have the food correlate with what season it is.

Treat this connection as a special gift. It’s yours to cherish.

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