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Plentiful Earth's Protection Spells

Powerful Egg Shell Protection Spell

Waste not want not applies to more than just meals! We believe that all ingredients👉

How We Use The Nazar Charm To Protect Us From The Powerful Evil Eye Curse

Familiar with the age-old belief in the evil eye curse? Heard your grandparents talk about👉

Samhain Guardian Spell

Did you know that Samhain (pronounced Sow-In) actually dates back at least 2,000 years ago?👉

Algiz Runestone Home Protection Spell

Getting a new home is a big step in life. A home is meant to👉

Banishing Spell to Remove a Harmful Person from Your Life

If you’ve got enemies, frenemies, or just nasty gossipers in your life, it’s time to👉

Home & Property Protection Spell

One of our favorite ways to protect the home with a spell is by reinforcing👉

8 Ways to Use Bay Leaves in Magick

Quick, powerful spells should be a major part of any Witch’s toolkit. One of our👉

Simple Aura and Skin Cleansing Bath Ritual

Love the feel of a baby soft aura? Skin that glows just as much as👉

Lady Liberty Spell for Civil Rights Protection, Equality, and Coexistence

A spell for peace, freedom, equality, and coexistence written by Madra Banrion, Aurora Moone, Michelle👉

Quick Good Luck Chant

At Plentiful Earth, we love good luck spells! Everyone deserves good luck, and when we👉

Spell to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Have you found yourself chipping a tooth, burning a full portion of your arm with👉


Jupiter Aura Expansion Spell for Protection, Courage, and Success

You’ve heard of expanding your aura to fill a room and contracting your aura to👉

Ritual to Remove Negativity and Empower Yourself

In our modern world, we encounter all different types of energies from all different types👉

How to Make an Easy Protection Charm

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you retreat to when you’ve had a bad👉