A serene woman soaking in a bath, promoting a peaceful aura and metaphysical skin cleansing ritual.

Simple Aura and Skin Cleansing Bath Ritual

Love the feel of a baby soft aura? Skin that glows just as much as your aura does? My amazing Cleansing Bath Ritual is not only a ritual to please your inside but your outside will feel great after too.

Made up of just 3 ingredients, you’re psychic self won’t need a mirror to know how amazingly stunning you are! Plan to soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes.

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Simple Aura and Skin Cleansing Bath Ritual

Spell Ingredients

  • White candle (for purification and protection)
  • Two cups salt (spiritually purifying and helps relax your muscles)
  • Two cups witch hazel (spiritually cleansing and acts as a natural toner for your skin)

Spell Directions

  1. Prep: Fill the bath with water, your desired temperature.
  2. Enchant: Light the white candle while visualizing purity. Slowly add the salt while visualizing beneficial energy, and then the witch hazel while visualizing a white energy filling the tub.
  3. Relax: Enter the water. Start to clear your mind, focusing on the white candle.
  4. Meditate: Start to release all negative thoughts into the water. Feel the negativity leaving your body, from your fingertips and toes into the water. Soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Let go of harmful energies: Allow water to drain. Envision all negativity swirling down the drain with the water. When you exit you should feel relaxed. Remember to always let go of what no longer suits you!

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