Standing tall: the statue of liberty, an icon of freedom and a beacon for equal rights and spiritual awakening.

Lady Liberty Spell for Civil Rights Protection, Equality, and Coexistence

A spell for peace, freedom, equality, and coexistence written by Madra Banrion, Aurora Moone, Michelle Simkins, Paige (The Fat Feminist Witch), and Selene Greenwich.

Throughout the years, Lady Liberty has been the symbol of freedom, equality, guidance, and comfort for many minorities and refugees inside and outside of the United States. Originally built by a Freemason and imbued with the power of the Goddess Libertas and the number 7, she is seen as a beacon of hope to those fleeing terror in their motherlands. In our nation, she’s been a guiding light to those who suffered through gender and racial segregation.

Now, we utilize her in her original Goddess form Libertas, the Goddess of freedom of action, freedom from restraint, independence, rights, personal liberty, social liberty.Today, in the United States, racial and gender issues have been brought into the mainstream spotlight, a stark reminder that we’re not living in the beautiful land of true coexistence, as many once thought we were.

Hate has been uncovered and thrown into the public eye as Neo-Nazism, and other hate groups defend their stance of harm. Today, as compared to the previous 200 years of American History, our beautiful Brothers and Sisters have help in the cause for true coexistence. Peaceful protests, positive messages, and social media are our allies this century, as controversy spins alive around us.

This spell transforms symbols of hate into Lady Liberty, the symbol of hope, social liberty, rights, and protection, in particular, the Robert E. Lee statue.

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Lady Liberty Spell for Civil Rights Protection, Equality, and Coexistence

Spell Timing

New Moon or any eclipse

Spell Ingredients

  • Printed photo of the Robert E. Lee statue
  • Printed photo of the Statue of Liberty
  • Flame-proof Cauldron, a symbol of rebirth
  • Lighter
  • Dried Sage Leaves, an herb for cleansing
  • Rose Petals, a flower for love
  • Hawthorn Thorns, a plant to protect the vulnerable
  • Dandelion, seeded (optional), a flower for planting happiness and growth through all adversity

The Spell

  1. Cast your circle or create your sacred space.
  2. Connect: If you’re joining into one of our nationwide rituals, use this to psychically connect with us in the aether. Our anchor is the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Chant: Hold the image of Robert E. Lee in your hands. Take a moment to feel all of the hatred and harm caused by racial segregation and the outdated ideals of racism. Say:
    1. We gather today in mutual condemnation / Of the divisive legacy of Robert E. Lee / And his continuing war of segregation. // Into these pages, we channel our frustration / And all separatist values with which we disagree / So to harness the power of group condemnation. // Through this focused means of visualization, / We disarm the weapons of those who will not see / The blinding effect of hate and segregation. // Individually, we perform our consecration / Letting the Universe act as our collective trustee / In this simultaneous appeal for condemnation. //
  4. Consecrate: Consecrate the Robert E. Lee statue. You can create a crystal grid, bind the photo from inspiring harm, anoint the photo with banishing oil, etc. See the harmful energy diminishing.
  5. Prepare: Place the photo into the cauldron, along with the dried sage leaves.
  6. Chant:
    1. May our collective spell unify this divided nation / Enabling those pursuing life, happiness, and liberty / To live in peace without fear of segregation. //
  7. Light: Using a lit sage leave, light the image of Robert E. Lee on fire in the cauldron.
  8. Chant:
    1. We burn this image in the name of reconciliation / To convince our fellow citizens who hold the key / That our action today in mutual condemnation / Creates a lasting end to racial & religious segregation.
  9. Energy shift: Begin seeing the energy shift from harmful to healing to beneficial.
  10. Raise Positive Energy: Perform your favorite energy raising technique while thinking of what the Statue of Liberty means to you and the people of the United States. Positive thoughts only!
  11. Sympathetic Magick: After the fire is extinguished, remove the cauldron. This symbolizes the removal of the focal point of hate. Replace it with the symbol of hope, love, and coexistence, the Statue of Liberty.
  12. Visualize: Visualize that the Robert E. Lee statue has faded away and is replaced with the Statue of Liberty.
  13. Chant:
    1. Reborn from the ashes, a new spark gives way / A seed of Universal love planted in those who could not see / Now starts the transformation of the harm we now negate. // Rebirth of light, now cast upon all, begins to lead the way / We grant divine ingress, our collective words be the key / Libertas, Feriona, Lady Liberty – United Witches invoke you again today. // Your torch of freedom once guided the Underground way / Your seven rays of Sol soothed the bitter, angry refugee / Libertas, Feriona, Lady Liberty – United Witches call your presence from the bay. // Inspiration of Abolitionists who showed humanity against slave trade / Symbol of the Suffragettes who ushered in coexistence and equality / Libertas, Feriona, Lady Liberty – United Witches place you in hate’s way. //
  14. Empower: Surround the image of the Statue of Liberty with rose petals and hawthorn thorns.
  15. Chant:
    1. Amplify now the power of Universal Love in those who once spread hate / Enabling those pursuing life, happiness, and liberty / To live in peace without fear of being separate. // Stand behind us now, the thousands of Americans of late / And 100,000 French Men and Women who believed in the word Free / As we architect your symbol on today’s most powerful date. // We now fill the void left behind by dispelling hate / And guide our nation’s eyes and hearts to see / The true power of Love, Freedom, Protection, and Liberty. / An it harm none, for our highest good, so Mote it Be. //

Copyright 2017 Madra Banrion, Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald, Michelle Simkins, Paige (The Fat Feminist Witch), and Selene Greenwich. / All Rights Reserved.

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