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How to do Long-Distance Rituals by Connecting in the Aether

Many people ask us, “Do long distance spells work?” Of course they do! Other ask us, “Can my coven do a ritual if we’re not in the same location?” Of course you can! “But how?”

Do long distance spells work?

Yes! When we cast spells, we are making changes in how energy moves and manifests in life by way of thought-forms. Thought-forms are the invisible, intangible manifestations of our thoughts; they are what people pick up on when a person’s “ears burn” or they get a feeling that someone is about to call.

Thought-forms travel through, what we currently call, the Aether (sometimes spelled Ether) and are propelled by emotion, belief, focus, and energy. Notice that time nor distance is not a factor in how thought-forms travel “through” Aether. Aether exists all around us and is us. So, one can effectively cast a spell to take place in another location or work with someone far away, link thought-forms, and cast a spell together.

Can my Coven do a ritual if we’re not in the same location, i.e. an online Coven?

Yes! By linking to an area or person with one or more of your senses, you are sending thought-forms and energy to that person, place, or thing. It takes just one thought and strong burst of emotion.

How can my Coven connect with each other if we’re planning to do a long-distance ritual?

If you’re planning to do a long-distance Wiccan or Pagan ritual with your Covenmates, and some or all of you are in different locations, you can connect to each other simply by remembering and reliving the last time you had contact with that person. Because emotion makes the bond stronger, and love is the strongest emotion, this Aether-link method works best if you recall the last time you hugged the person you want to connect to!

Here are a few easy steps to connect to another Witch, psychically, in the Aether.

  1. Meditate: Bring yourself into a light meditative state.
  2. Visualize: Think of your Covenmate and see them clearly in your mind’s eye.
  3. Notice: Notice what he or she is wearing. Notice how he or she smells. The more senses you conjure up, the stronger the link will be.
  4. Connect: Now, reach out and hug your Covenmate. Remember the last time you hugged and feel their embrace.
  5. Work your magick: You’re now connected! Work your magick, now!
  6. Break your link: When you’re done with your ritual, wave goodbye to them and part ways in your mind’s eye.

If you have never hugged this person, you can definitely use another physical connection! This works very well for long-distance meditations, healings, and more! When doing ritual, it’s best if you are performing the same ritual.

How can my Coven connect with each other if we have never met in person?

If you have never met your Covenmates, and you don’t have a physical connection to recollect, don’t worry! The next best thing is to create a pshycic link and ritual anchor for everyone in your coven to concentrate on! This takes the place of creating the Cone of Power in an in-person ritual!

How to connect with another Witch who you have never met to do a ritual together:

  1. Prepare your space: Before starting your ritual, print out photos of your Covenmates, and make a group decision on what your anchor will be. This can be the focal point of your spell (such as the Statue of Liberty if you’re doing an United States Healing spell), it can be a crystal that each of you have a piece of, the symbol or logo of your coven, or anything else that everyone can easily visualize.
  2. Prepare your Mind: Hold the photo of your Covenmates in your hands. Take a few moments to notice or remember small things about each person. If you’ve heard their voice before, recall their voices. Then, close your eyes and entering a deep meditative state.
  3. Meditate: Allow your meditation to take you to your anchor.
  4. Empower: Stare at your anchor and imbue it with your Coven’s intention.
  5. Connect: Feel someone grabbing your hands to the right and left of you. Look around and see your Covenmates standing around your anchor in a circle, all holding hands.
  6. Work your Magick: You’re now connected! Open your eyes and complete your ritual!
  7. Break your link: When you’re done with your ritual, visualize that you’re holding hands again, let go, wave goodbye to them and part ways in your mind’s eye.

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