A solitary house stands in a vast open landscape under cloudy skies, evoking a sense of solitude and the need for safeguarding one's home with metaphysical practices.

Home & Property Protection Spell

One of our favorite ways to protect the home with a spell is by reinforcing the foundational four walls of your full property. By placing symbols, totems, crystals, or plants in the four corners, you mark the boundaries of your safe space.

The element of Earth represents the energy of a strong, safe, and grounded foundation. So, in this spell, we’ll be using one of the most well-connected spell ingredients we could find.

The main ingredient of this house protection spell is a potato. Potatoes dig deep into the Earth, creating strong, nourishing roots. The plant, itself, is poisonous; this natural defense mechanism helps deter predators from harming the plant. So, we’ll utilize those two symbolic aspects of the potato to keep your home safe from harm, safe from negative energy, and full of nourishing love.

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Potato Home Protection Spell

Spell Timing:

Waning Gibbous

Spell Ingredients:

Spell Directions:

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your sacred space with a sage bundle or palo santo.
  2. Cast: If your spiritual path calls for it, cast a protective circle around your sacred space.
  3. Prepare:
    1. Using your boline, cut the potato into quarters. Each quarter represents a corner of your home.
    2. On the paper, draw the property outline of your property, making sure to draw it as large as the paper. Draw your home within the boundaries of your property.
    3. Place the candles at the 4 corners of your property line.
  4. Enchant: One by one, hold a quarter of a potato and light one candle. Say:
    1. Beacon of protection shine up to the sky
      Protect this beautiful house of mine
      I call down protection from all around
      To take root and protect us deep in the ground
      And as this plant begins to grow
      Harmful visitors shall turn and go
      Forget the reason you came here
      I no longer live in fear.
    2. Repeat this for each potato quarter.
  5. Visualize: Visualize a box of golden, protective light connecting each of the candles. Know and see that your home is safe.
  6. Close the circle: If you cast a circle for step two, take your circle down, now.
  7. Finish the spell: Let the candles burn out on their own. As they burn, bury one potato piece in each quarter of the yard. Visualize a box of golden, protective light connecting each of your property’s corners. Know and see that your home is safe.

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