magickal correspondences of rosemary

Magical Properties of Rosemary | How to Use Rosemary in Spells

Rosemary is an herb whose correspondences transcend religious boundaries. Know in many vastly different spiritual traditions, this pine-scented culinary herb has been used by Witches, Christians, Ancient Greeks, and more! Use it to substitute other herbs in spells, or use it for protection, removal of unwanted scenes, and blessings!

Here’s our list of the magickal correspondences of Rosemary!

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Magical Properties of Rosemary | Rosemary Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Rosmarinus officinalis

Folk Names

  • Dew of the Sea
  • Incensier
  • Sea Dew
  • Ros Maris
  • Rosmarine
  • Rosemarie
  • Guardrobe


  • Masculine

Elements that Rule Rosemary

  • Fire
  • Air

Planets that Rule Rosemary

  • Sun

Signs that Rule Rosemary

  • Leo

Deities that Rule Rosemary

  • Hebe
  • Aphrodite
  • The Virgin Mary.

Chakras that work with Rosemary

  • Third Eye
  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus

Rosemary’s Magickal Properties

  • All-Purpose: Like white candles, rosemary can be substituted for any herb in spells.
  • Attract Elves: Grow rosemary in your garden to win the favor of the elves.
  • Dispel thieves: Grow rosemary by your doors and under windows to keep burglars away.
  • Exorcism: Burn a bundle of rosemary to drive out unwanted entities and energies.
  • Faithfulness: Create a wreath out of rosemary and hang it on your door to keep your lover faithful.
  • Home Blessing: Dip a bundle of rosemary in moon water and sprinkle the water around your home.
  • Jealousy removal: Light a dried sprig of rosemary. As it burns, visualize the energies of jealousy being transformed by the flame.
  • Memory: Place a sprig of rosemary under your pillow to dream a forgotten memory or increase your memory.
  • Purification: Fill a mesh sachet with rosemary, and place it under your bath’s running water. Enjoy this cleansing bath for 15 – 30 minutes. Burn a sprig like a smudge stick to purify and cleanse a space
  • Stop gossip: Keep a rosemary plant on your desk or in the workroom to steer gossip away.
  • Substitute for Frankincense: Rosemary is an easy-to-grow alternative for frankincense.

Rosemary’s Medicinal Properties

Rosemary has been seen as effective for:

  • Hair growth: Steep rosemary in boiling water for 10 minutes. Allow it to cool. Pour over newly washed hair as a hair rinse.

Rosemary Warnings

  • Do not take undiluted rosemary oil internally; it can cause vomiting, uterine bleeding, kidney irritation, increased sun sensitivity, skin redness, and allergic reactions.
  • Do not take rosemary if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are some of your favorite ways to use Rosemary in your magickal working?

Let us know in the comments below!

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