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Magical Correspondences of Star Anise | Star Anise Materia Magicka

How do you use star anise in magic?

What herbs can you use in spells to increase protection?

What can you add to Kitchen Witch recipes to enhance your psychic abilities?

Find out below!

Shaped like an 8-pointed star, “Chinese” anise corresponds directly with energies of the microcosm and macrocosm, stability and expansion, and connection to divine information.

What does this mean in beginner Witch terms?

It means that star anise is perfect for increasing psychic connection, divine healing and protection, and increased success in lucky endeavors.

Here’s how to use it in spells!

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Magical Properties of Star Anise | A Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Illicium verum

Folk Names

  • Anise Estrella
  • Badian
  • Chinese Anise
  • Swamp Star


  • Masculine

Elemental Correspondences

  • Air

Planetary Associations

  • Jupiter

Zodiac Signs

  • Pisces
  • Sagittarius


  • Buddha
  • Quan Yin

Chakra Associations

  • Third Eye
  • Root Chakra

Magical Properties Of Star Anise

  • Calm: Use an incense blend or essential oil containing this herb to help instill a sense of productive calm.
  • Good Luck: Tuck this star-shaped seed pod into a green pouch or orange pouch, visualize yourself being lucky, and carry it in your purse to bring good luck.
  • Protection: Carry it in your bag or inside of a mojo bag or sachet to ward off the evil eye. Make a garland out of the full seed pods and hang along your door.
  • Psychic Awareness: Simply sniff the aroma of this herb to help awaken your psychic senses. Use the seeds as a pendulum by stringing the largest one onto a black or purple string.


  • Do not feed food with star anise to infants; it is not safe for infant consumption.
  • Double-check that your star anise is Chinese star anise; the Japanese variant is poisonous.
  • There is not enough research around pregnancy; err on the side of safety and do not consume while pregnant or nursing.

What are some of your favorite ways to use this type of anise in your magickal working?

Let us know in the comments below!

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