Silhouetted branches against a luminous full moon: exploring the origins and meanings behind traditional full moon names through a spiritual lens.

Full Moon Names

As long as humans could make spatial observances and correlations, the Full Moons had names. Named after the seasonal happenings, each moon let the tribe know what to expect and how to work and navigate life for the next month. Different tribes in different locations around the world each had a different name for each of the year’s 13 moons.

So, our list will contain all of the full moon names that we’ve encountered within our research! Each moon named due to the month or part of the season that it occurs within. Moon names are not tied to the date of the full moon; it is tied to the month.

All Official Full Moon Names

North American Moon NamesChinese Moon NamesSouthern Hemisphere Moon Names
January Full Moon NameWolf MoonHoliday MoonBuck Moon
February Full Moon NameSnow MoonBudding MoonSturgeon Moon
March Full Moon NameWorm MoonSleepy MoonHarvest Moon
April Full Moon NamePink Moon
Peony MoonHunter Moon
May Full Moon NameFlower MoonDragon MoonBeaver Moon
June Full Moon NameStrawberry MoonLotus MoonCold Moon
July Full Moon NameBuck MoonHungry MoonWolf Moon
August Full Moon NameSturgeon MoonHarvest MoonSnow Moon
September Full Moon NameHarvest MoonChrysanthemum MoonWorm Moon
October Full Moon NameHunter MoonKindly MoonPink Moon
November Full Moon NameBeaver MoonWhite MoonFlower Moon
December Full Moon NameCold MoonBitter MoonStrawberry Moon

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