a spell to get rid of bad luck

Spell to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Have you found yourself chipping a tooth, burning a full portion of your arm with steam, injuring your neck, dropping items on your face, breaking your chipped tooth, dropping items on the tender part of your neck that you just injured, getting stuck at a Kinko’s because your card suddenly doesn’t work and you only needed to print one sheet of paper which finally gets resolved but the printer is out of paper and it’s been 55 minutes, and getting hit by a hit and run driver all during the course of the same month? I have, and it’s time to end this string of bad luck.

Whether you feel that you are cursed or you just hit a wall of bad energy, this beautiful spell will get rid of the bad luck that you may be encountering!

Before you start this spell, I highly recommend thoroughly cleaning, cleansing, and blessing yourself and your home, as well as promising to yourself that you will heed your personal signs and follow your intuition. This spell uses numerology, color energy, geometry energy, and elemental energy. This spell works against bad luck that you are not in charge of causing.

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Spell to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Spell Ingredients

Spell Instructions

  1. Create your sacred space in your favorite way.
  2. Write the word “BAD LUCK” on the white square sheet of paper.
  3. Under that, think about and write write all of the ways that the bad luck has manifested in your life. If you’re just keeping yourself safe, you can simply keep it as “BAD LUCK”.
  4. Draw a large X over each of the things you’ve written, marking them out of your life. Visualize them never happening again or visualize yourself being safe from that harm.
  5. Draw a large X over the words “BAD LUCK”, knowing that your streak of bad luck is over.
  6. Consecrate the candle for beneficial energies. Light the candle. Burn the paper and drop it into your cauldron.
  7. Fire: As it burns, say,
    Dark night, blazing fire
    My luck gets better by the hour.
    I know that this burden is fading
    By now, my life has begun straightening.
  8. Water: When your container is cool enough, take a third of the ash and sprinkle it into running water (yes, your toilet will work just fine!) Say:
    Pure water, running free
    Take bad luck away from me.
    Take my bad luck with the flow
    Take my sorrows to where you go.
  9. Air: Take another third of the ash and throw it into the breeze. Say:
    Winds of change on this dark night
    Take this luck and make it right.
    In his power, the air dissipates
    To me bad luck can no longer relate.
  10. Earth: Bury the remaining ash in your garden or in a potted plant. Say:
    Earth transforms and Earth negates
    Remove my bad luck, and do not hesitate.
    Take this luck and transform it to its best
    The bad luck streak is now at rest.
  11. Feel your new good luck as you say “An it harm none, so mote it be” or “Amen”, whichever you prefer!

Copyright 2016 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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