Spreading positivity with a sprinkle of fortune: discover a quick and easy chant for good luck from our new age product.

Quick Good Luck Chant

At Plentiful Earth, we love good luck spells! Everyone deserves good luck, and when we get stuck in a rut, nothing gets rid of bad luck faster than a quick chant and a pinch of salt!

It has never been easier to cast a spell to get rid of bad luck than it is now! This good luck chant can easily become part of your daily protection routine.

Every time you cook, recite this chant and place a pinch of salt on your left shoulder. You’ll be warding off bad luck in just 3 seconds!

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Quick Good Luck Chant

Bad luck turn and
Bad luck flee.
Only good fortune
Comes to Me.

Place a pinch of salt on your left shoulder.

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