A mystic atmosphere with a crystal ball surrounded by candles in a metaphysical shop, hinting at a guide for purifying your mystical orb.

How to Cleanse a Crystal Ball

When we imagine psychics, we often see them in a beautifully decorated room, donning a fantastically shimmery headscarf, having a perfectly painted manicure, and waving their ringed fingers around a stunningly clear crystal ball. This psychic is ready to read the energies of everyone who comes into her domain. If you’re reading this article, this amazing psychic person is probably you! You know a thing or eight about divination, and you’re ready to broaden your vision. Enter the wonderful crystal ball!

Why do I need to cleanse my crystal ball?

Just like with regular crystals, crystal balls can and do absorb and mutate due to the energies that they come in contact with. You may have seen a rose quartz crack under the pressure of constant heart-healing or a selenite shatter after a few uses, but because crystal balls act as a smartphone for spirit energy, they store more and more energy after every use. Pretty soon, your crystal’s “memory” will become full, clear messages can’t get through, and soon, it could shatter to let that energy out. Cleansing releases those energies and returns the crystal to it’s original vibration.Just like with your other psychic tools, it’s incredibly important to keep your crystal ball clean, clear, and under control, and every psychic knows that there are many different ways to do this!

What are some basic ways to clean a crystal ball?

You can cleanse a crystal ball by:

  • Smudging it with White Sage (Buy it here!)
  • Leaving it in the light of a full moon
  • Rinsing it with cool, clean water – Why stop here?

Why not infuse your crystal ball with more psychic power? Why not work with your crystal ball? Why have it help you open your psychic centers while you help it tap into the ethereal energies? By adding some simple herbs to your crystal ball wash, you can empower your crystal ball to be stronger than ever.

Crystal Ball Wash Recipe

Cleansing and empowering your crystal ball has never been more simple! To make your life easier, you can buy almost everything you need right in our store!

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  1. Risuna says:

    shouldn’t you include what each of the ingredients symbolize? I can’t seem to figure out your logic on putting all those ingredients together except for the eye bright which helps with opening mind’s eye

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Risuna!

      Happy Saturday! Thanks for the great suggestion! We’ve added it; take a peek!

      Blessed be!
      – Aurora Moone

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