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Ultimate Spell to Increase Memory and Focus

This spell features some of our favorite ingredients for increasing memory and focus! If you find yourself unable to focus with a side effect of a bad memory, like me, this spell will work wonders on you! This memory spell utilizes rosemary, an herb well known for repairing the memory; it’s also great for protecting your confidence, which plays a large role in our ability to recall things!

We’ve incorporated a few different types of crystals, depending on your specific need, and we’ve also brought in some symbolism and numerology to aid in the energy of the work. The number 4 vibrates stability and focus, as does the shape of the square.This spell is best performed on a Sunday or during the hour of the Sun. Keep in mind that you will still need to perform real-world follow-up.

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Ultimate Spell to Increase Memory and Focus

Spell Ingredients

Spell Instructions

  1. Bring your water to a boil. In the meantime, create your sacred space by cleansing with sage, followed by palo santo or sweetgrass. You may also cleanse your candle, crystals, and rosemary with the sage.
  2. Bring all of your ingredients into your sacred space. You may choose to cast a protective circle, if that’s part of your practice.
  3. Hold your hands over the Rosemary and visualize remembering everything. Say “To increase my memory.
  4. Pour the Rosemary leaves into your tea ball. While continuing to visualize your memory working better than you think it will, pour the water over the Rosemary leaves.
  5. Hold your hands over the steaming cup once more. Say “To increase my memory.
  6. Hold your hands over the crystals, and visualize yourself successfully focusing on your work. Say “To increase my focus.
  7. Arrange the crystals in a square around the coffee cup. Imagine the energy of the crystals forming a solid square around and through the cup. This square represents a solid foundation of focus, empowering the tea with the energies of focus.
  8. Hold your hands over the square of crystals and tea. Say “To increase my focus.
  9. Using your carving tool of choice carve “+ Memorae” down one side of the candle. Say “Memorae. To increase my memory.” Again, visualize that your memory is recalling everything it needs to and more!
  10. On the other side, carve “+ Focus”. When you are done, say “Focus. To increase my focus.” Again, visualize that your focus allows you to complete your work perfectly!
  11. Place the candle above your crystals and tea. Hold your hand over the candle and chant “Increase my memory. Increase my focus!” until you feel convinced that the spell is working! You’ll feel your hair stand on end, you may feel slightly faint, or you may notice that you’ve begun chanting very loudly! Say “Increase my memory. Increase my focus” one last time and light the candle.
  12. Visualize all of the energy from chanting is the light of the candle, the spark of the spell. Visualize that energy going down the candle, drawing a straight line to your square grid and into your cup.
  13. Know that the energy of the spell is now in your cup. Drink your Memory and Focus Tea and feel your mind opening, your memory working, and your focus kicking in.
  14. Clean up, say Amen, say So Mote It Be, close your circle, do what you need to do and enjoy the effects of your tea!
  15. You can let the candle burn out or extinguish it and use it for the same spell. You can also use it for a quick memory boost later.

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