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How to Burn a Native American Sweetgrass Braid

Sweetgrass has been used for centuries to invite the beautiful, blessed, positive energies and spirits into a space or ritual. Also known as Seneca Grass, Vanilla Grass, Holy Grass, and Buffalo Grass, Sweetgrass was used by Native American tribes as an offering during sacred prayers, for home blessings and purification, and for personal purification and protection.

Today, we use Sweetgrass to help with healings and as a balance to traditional Sage smudging. Sage smudge sticks are used to clear out all harmful energies; this leaves a void that the loving energies of Sweetgrass fills with positive, blessed energies. This balancing practice helps to ensure that there is no space for harmful energies to return back to.

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How to Burn a Native American Sweetgrass Braid

  1. Trim: Trim the yellow, dried, new, or burnt end off the thick side of the sweetgrass braid.
  2. Light: Using a powerful lighter or stick lighter, light the newly trimmed end of the braid for 10-15 seconds. Rotate the braid to create a strong ember.
  3. Smolder: Lightly blow out the flame and wave the stick to create the healing, positive smoke.
  4. Purify: Wave the braid around gently to bless the area!
  5. Extinguish: Extinguish by pressing into a fire-proof bowl.

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