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5 Easy Ways to Practice Reiki Everyday

Reiki is the practice of using the natural energy that flows through us to heal yourself and others. Also known as “the laying on of hands”, Reiki works by increasing the energy flow to areas of the body that may have low energy. Low energy, caused by energy blockages elsewhere in the body, directly affects the health of the body. Practicing Reiki breaks down the blockages in your own body and allows for your energy to flow naturally, providing the fuel for your body to begin healing.

After you’ve received at least your first Reiki attunement, it’s beneficial to practice daily Reiki. Daily practice keeps your chakras aligned, your energy paths open for healing others, and helps you consciously direct the natural flow of Reiki energy.

Wondering how to remember to practice Reiki? Sometimes, we just can’t find the time to practice Reiki self-healing and daily practices. Luckily, we’ve got these five easy tips that will help you incorporate Reiki into your daily life!

5 Easy Ways to Practice Daily Reiki

  1. Good morning! Put down the phone, pick up the Reiki!

    Raise your hand if you wake up, roll over, and pick up your phone. Now, place that hand on the top of your head and begin your energy flow! We’re just kidding! 80% of smartphone users pick up their phones before brushing their teeth; that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Try replacing the bright blue light of habit with the beautiful, healing light of the universe before you roll out of bed!

  2. Add Reiki to your Yoga practice!

    Yoga is fantastic for the physical body, and many people are now incorporating mindfulness practice into yoga as well! Because yoga can be a very personal and personalized experience, adding Reiki healing to your morning flow is incredibly simple! Did we mention that combining yoga, mindfulness, and Reiki promotes numerous benefits to the mind, body, and spirit? Try it tomorrow morning!

  3. Make your pain-response habits purposeful!

    When you have a headache or a muscle ache, what’s the first thing you do? You automatically press on that area hoping for instant relief. You can do way better than that! Next time, place your whole hand on that area, ignite your energy flow, feel the area feel better, and do a quick daily Reiki practice.

  4. Reiki shower for the win!

    We’re already placing our hands all over our bodies when we shower, why not use more than just soap to cleanse your body? As you move that loofah, pouf, or washcloth over your body, let your Reiki flow as well! So fresh and so cleansed cleansed.

  5. Reiki from the passenger seat!

    Carpooling? Road-tripping? Stuck in standstill traffic? This is a great time to clear your vibes and any annoyances about traffic! This is a great morning pick-me-up! Much better than coffee!

Reiki can be very easy to practice and the benefits are very vast! Adding Reiki to your daily habits is a great way to make sure you’re practicing every day! As I always say, “The best part of waking up is Reiki in my cup!”

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