How to Make Full Moon Water

Wondering what to do during tonight’s full moon? Why not capture the energy of the Full Moon in a potion that you can harness at any time of the lunar cycle? Store these full moon vibes by making blessed full moon water!

This is a ritual recipe that you should do during a full moon! Once you make this water, you can use it to infuse your everyday activities, such as bathing or cleaning, with Magic! Add to your cleaning water to make every day cleaning magical, add to a bath to turn it into a ritual bath!

Full Moon Blessed Water Recipe

Full Moon Water Ingredients:

Directions for making blessed water:

  1. Prep: Set up everything you need under the moonlight.
  2. Cleanse: Light the sage and candle. Use the sage to cleanse the area and all the tools and ingredients.
  3. Set Your Intention: Add the water to your bucket, and as you do, set your intention by visualizing your goals.
  4. Purify: Adding the salt for purification.
  5. Empower: Add the rose petals for love. (This does not always mean romantic love; it can also mean self-love.)
    Add lavender for psychic intuition.
  6. Raise Energy: Let steep under the moonlight for at least 30 minutes. While the full moon water steeps, meditate under the full moon. Focus on the intention you set at the beginning of the ritual. Remember, you can adjust with the signs of the moon for example if the full moon is in fiery Leo add lemons. Get creative.

Use this water throughout the month; add it to baths, use it other rituals, and add magic to your everyday activities!

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