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5 Ways to Practice Magick in a College Dorm

In college? Wondering how to secretly cast spells without eyes being cast on you? Maybe your dorm has rules against burning candles and incense? Does your roommate make it impossible to be a Wiccan or Witch?

If you’re like me and you started practicing witchcraft when you were in college, you might be feeling a little lost. Here are just a few tips from someone who used to be in the broom closet and working off few funds.

How to Practice Magick in College

1. Use water instead of fire.

If you’re living in a dorm, you’re probably not allowed to have things like candles or anything with an open flame. Fire can be one of the witchiest of tools, but so can water. I use an essential oil diffuser and it works just as well as incense or a candle. Essential oil diffusers are fairly inexpensive (anywhere from $5 to $40) and some essential oils go for around five bucks a pop, and they last you a good long while.

Using an essential oil diffuser is super easy. All you do is pour some water and a few drops of essential oil inside and press a couple buttons. Boom. A fragrant and witchy atmosphere. It’s a piece of cake.

If you still want candles around for that witchy aesthetic, depending on your dorm rules, you might be able to have candles around as long as they have never been burned.

2. Go for a walk.

It might seem strange if you’re used to staying cooped up inside studying, but getting closer to nature is the witchiest thing you can do. While you’re outside, you could also collect things like sticks, leaves, and flowers to use in crafts and decorations for your altar. You never know what you’ll find. Plus, your body will thank you for stretching your legs and getting some fresh air.

3. Do yoga and meditate.

If you’ve never done yoga before, it might seem weird or difficult at first, but for me, it’s been a lifesaver. All you really need is a yoga mat and the Internet to get started. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there geared toward beginners. I recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene.

Doing yoga and meditating regularly will not only help your mental and physical health, but you will also feel more centered and self-aware. Both are practices of self-love because they are good for stress relief and they force you to get to know your inner self. How is this related to witchcraft, you might ask? Through yoga and meditation, you can access your third eye and the magic within yourself. Trust me. 😉

4. Use as many online resources as you can to learn and set the witchy mood.

With the whole World Wide Web at your fingertips, there are so many resources available. If you’re looking for a way to get in the mood for witchcraft, I recommend using music. You can find ambient playlists on YouTube that are several hours long, soundtracks and pagan bands on Spotify, and witchy playlists on 8tracks.

You can also find witchy Youtubers who talk about their paths, spells, and more. I have found that my most reliable mentors in the craft have been Youtubers.

There are also lots of blogs about witchcraft and various pagan paths out there, like this one on Plentiful Earth. Read as much as you can, whether it’s a blog post, an article, or a book from a bookstore or the library. As you get started on your witchy path, you can never read too much.

5. Get involved with the local Pagan community.

If you feel comfortable, you can try to find a community near you. I was lucky enough to find a pagan group that was within walking distance from my campus, but you could also consider joining a social network or coven online. is a great place to find local Witches.

Wiccan and Pagan books and videos are very helpful, but sometimes the solitary path can get lonely. It always helps to get involved in the community, and that does not have to mean a pagan group. It could be as simple as contributing to a community garden or doing volunteer work.

Whatever path you choose, keep being a good bean and witch on. Blessed be.

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