Finding balance and serenity: embracing the mystical, witchy journey.

Confessions Of A New Witch, Part 2: Clearing Mental Clutter

I really want to be good at Tarot, y’all. I do. I want to have multiple altars set up in our home. I want to have a much richer moon practice. I want to read more about Yemaya and Juno in particular, but so many other goddesses as well. I want to understand more about how crystals and essential oils and incenses work. I want to learn spells.

There is so much to learn! And so much to learn about myself!

But there’s a problem – I’m a mom.

And I’m running my own business. And I’m running a conference. And we just moved halfway across the country a little over a month ago. Sometimes I wish that magic was like the movies and I could learn a spell that would make all of our boxes unpack themselves and our house set itself up. Is that just me?

So how do you create space for learning, for ritual, for growth, for spirit, for fun in your life if you are being pulled in a billion different directions? You make a choice. Honestly, nothing in my life changed until I chose myself – until I decided that this journey I am on deserved time and attention.

How I Made Room For Magic

I’m really lucky – I have much more control over my schedule than many folks. Once I get the small people who actually run my home shipped off to kindergarten and preschool (can I get a Hallelujah for preschool?!?!) my time is very much my own. I decide when to have client meetings, when to work on taxes, and when to sit and write. I could, I realized, decide to weave in time to read, to study, to practice. But first I would have to truly believe that I was worth it, that taking this time away from my business or my family was worth it.

I started by reordering my days to be more in tune with the actual meanings and ancient practices surrounding them.

Monday is my Moon Day.

This is when I spend the most time meditating. I study the moon and lunar astrology. I work with my moon altar. I spend time outside and in my garden. I am creating a ritual bathing practice for Mondays, as well.

Tuesday belongs to Mars and so I WORK.

Tuesday is when I push in my business – whatever feels like it needs some aggression or whatever I need to fight through is what I chose to focus on first. I also tend to let out my frustrations in a Facebook Live on Tuesdays.

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, so I focus on communication.

Wednesday my daughter doesn’t go to pre-school and so I don’t get to work as much. Wednesday is also Mercury’s day and so I focus on communication. I use the fact that I have a much shorter working window to really focus my writing and speaking that day – what is the most important thing that I have to say right now?

Thursday is Thor’s day.

So I focus on learning and on giving. How can I be a better daughter, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, a better coach?

Friday is for Freya and is all about the senses and sensuality.

What are my yummiest smelling candles? What music can I play while I write? What clothing feels best on my skin? Who are the people who connect me to my physical self the most? This is another day that I focus on getting into my garden and growing things.

Saturday is Saturn’s Day.

When I first read that Saturday is Saturn’s day and is all about structure I laughed SO HARD. Growing up in a black household Saturday morning had nothing to do with cartoons and everything to do with loud Motown music and the whole family cleaning the house. We woke up early and by the time cartoons were on our house sparkled. Saturday mornings I work with clients, then we clean as a family, and then we plan out next week. Structure, y’all.

Sunday is life.

It is the Sun’s day and so we get outside, we spend the day as a family and with friends, we focus on being present with each other.

This is what has been working for my family. It allows me time to focus on myself and my spiritual learning because it’s woven into the fabric of my days. What is it that you want to learn or to bring deeper into your life? How can you create the time and space to do that?

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