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How to Make an Easy Protection Charm

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you retreat to when you’ve had a bad day. It’s where you invite people to share the bounty of your home during the holidays. It’s where you hope to feel safe and secure in the positive or beneficial energies of your life. We love the idea of enhancing our home with the healing energies of love, but we don’t always have the time to clean our floors with a newly created cleansing brew or blessed floor wash. In our busy, work-filled, modern lifestyle, we may not always have the time to burn sage in our home or sprinkle blessed water in every corner. If that sounds like you, keep reading!

Have you ever wanted to take the Ronco approach of “Set it and forget it”? We all have; that’s why his slogan is so popular and powerful! With this easy protection charm, we can always remember to take two seconds to reinforce the protective energies around our house, car, workplace, or sacred space! That’s all it takes — two seconds! Just like when we use that cast iron skillet and over the years it becomes seasoned, over time, the protection charm becomes stronger and stronger.

How to make an Easy, Instant Protection Charm

Items Needed:

  • A favorite wind chime, a piece of furniture in your home, a desk decoration, an herbal protection sachet, or any other item you pass and see every day. Cleanse it as necessary.

How to transform an item into an easy protection charm:

  1. If you have chosen a specific item to become a protection charm, hang it in an area that you pass and see every day. You can place a wind chime at your front door, fuzzy dice on your rearview mirror, hang a specific picture in your main hallway, etc. If you are designating a pre-existing item as your protection charm, move onto the next step.
  2. Tell the item that you are programming it for, blessing it for, or setting its intention for protection.
  3. Visualize a white bubble of protection around your home, workplace, car, etc. You can also simply ask your guides or angels to protect the space; whatever is in your personal path.
  4. That’s it! Do that every time you see this charm. If you feel threatened or if a bad storm is coming, take a longer time empowering your protection charm.

If you practice a more ritualistic approach, this can easily be transformed into a protection spell. Simply cast your circle, light white candles, and use protection herbs or incense.

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