An egg inside of a bowl of salt on a wooden table.

Powerful Egg Shell Protection Spell

Waste not want not applies to more than just meals! We believe that all ingredients and, what some would call trash, contain powerful symbolic magic.

And today, we’re going to harness the symbolism of the strong, powerful egg shell in our newest protection spell.

This spell leverages the potent symbolism of the egg, representing life, potential, and protection. As always, while spell ingredients provide energy to propel our manifestation, the power lies within your intention, the faith you have in the process, and the energy you infuse into it.

As you cast this spell, focus on the symbolism of the egg as a container of life and potential, as well as its shell as a protective barrier.

An egg inside of a bowl of salt on a wooden table.
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Egg Shell Protection Spell

Prep Time1 minute
Spell Time10 minutes
Total Time11 minutes
Keyword: Protection Spells


  • White Candles
  • Bowl
  • Salt
  • Permanent Marker optional
  • Whole Pasteurized Egg Shell


  • Cleanse: Begin by creating a safe and sacred space. If desired, cleanse the space with smoke from sage or your favorite cleansing herbs. Light the white candles and place them on your altar or sacred space.
  • Consecrate: If you wish, you can use the marker to draw symbols on the egg that are meaningful to you and represent protection. These could be runes, sigils, or other symbols associated with protection in your personal practice.
  • Visualize: Hold the egg in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize yourself or what you want to be protected is living inside of the eggshell. Imagine that the eggshell is keeping you safe from negative energies or influences that may be affecting you.
  • Protect: Pour salt into the bowl, and place the egg int the center. As you do this, recite the following incantation (or one of your own creation):
    "Shell of life, pure and round, Ward off harm, guard my ground. By the power of earth and sea, As I will it, so mote it be."
  • Manifest: Leave the egg within the salt circle on your altar or sacred space for as long as you feel is necessary. Some people might choose to leave it overnight, while others might choose to leave it for several days.
  • Close: End the ritual by closing your sacred space in your chosen manner. You might choose to do this by extinguishing your candles, thanking any spirits or deities you invoked, or simply stating your intention to close the space.
  • Clean Up: Once you feel the spell is complete, take the egg outside and return it to the earth. You can do this by burying it in the ground or breaking it and scattering it in a garden or forest. As you do so, thank the egg and release any negative energies it has absorbed.


We prefer pasteurized eggshells because this minimizes the chances of salmonella and e. coli.
To remove the egg from the shell:
  1. Ese a Dremel to drill a small hole in each end of the egg.
  2. Use a toothpick to beat the egg inside the shell.
  3. Over a sink, blow in through one hole to force the egg out of the other hole.
  4. Rinse!

Remember, the most important part of any spell is your intention. Your belief and the energy you put into the spell are what give it power. Use this spell as a guide and adapt it to your own needs and beliefs.

The Egg Shell Protection Spell, though powerful, is not a standalone solution for all life’s problems. It should supplement other efforts toward self-care and personal growth.

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