Discover the enchantment: 8 simple rituals with bay leaves for your metaphysical practice.

8 Ways to Use Bay Leaves in Magick

Quick, powerful spells should be a major part of any Witch’s toolkit. One of our favorite herbs for fast spells is bay laurel! Known to us as the Wishing Leaf, the bay leaf is an incredible herb for manifesting spells. Check out our full Materia Magicka on the Magickal Properties of Bay Laurel!

We most know this plant as being the prosperity plant and the wishing plant. Bay leaf wishing magick is a popular phrase! But we know you have one question: how do you use bay leaves in spells? Well, hold on tight, we’re going to give you the top 10 uses for bay leaf in spells! As with all spells, be sure to cast them in a sacred space and within a protective circle.

8 Quick Bay Leaf Spells

  1. Prosperity: Write “prosperity” on a bay leaf in gold ink. Burn the bay leaf.
  2. Protection: Burn bay leaves in addition to sage during a sacred space cleansing.
  3. Make Wishes Come True: Hold a bay laurel leaf and channel your want into the leaf. Burn the leaf.
  4. Spirit Exorcism: Burn bay leaves when driving out harmful, unwanted energies.
  5. Psychic Development: Increase astral projection and psychic dreams by adding the leaves to your pillowcase.
  6. Success: Carry or decorate yourself in these laurels, just like the Ancient Romans did after winning battles.
  7. Amplifies Healing: Wear bay laurel when performing healings of any kind to make your healing work faster and stronger.
  8. Reduce Stress: Crush bay leaves with a mortar and pestle and sprinkle the powder on a charcoal tablet for instant stress relief incense.

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