black salt banishing spell to remove harmful energies and people

Banishing Spell to Remove a Harmful Person from Your Life

If you’ve got enemies, frenemies, or just nasty gossipers in your life, it’s time to take back your energy, emotions, and reputation. This banishing spell also doubles as a protection spell. It uses sympathetic magick, mirrors, and black salt to reflect harm that’s in motion and stop them from causing more harm.

This spell works to reflect all of a person’s bad mojo or harmful ways back to them. As with all things in magick, spells work best when there’s also real-life follow-up. Magick tends to take the path of least resistance, so if you play a part in making the magick happen faster then your spell will manifest faster.

Dual-Purpose Banishing Spell and Protection Spell

Spell Timing: Full Moon, Waxing Moon, Saturday

Spell Ingredients

Spell Instructions

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your sacred space and spell items with a sage bundle or palo santo.
  2. Cast: If your spiritual path calls for it, cast a protective circle around your sacred space.
  3. Enchant: Write down the person’s full name down on the parchment paper. Charge it while saying:
    “Your lies and harm will not affect me anymore, for they will come right back to you.”
  4. Cast the Spell: Drop their name in the bowl and cover it with black salt. Now, put a mirror on top and visualize their harmful words and energy reflecting back to them.
  5. Close the Circle: If you cast a circle for step two, take your circle down, now.
  6. Finish the Spell: After the spell has done its job, take the contents outside and bury them. Cleanse the mirror and store it for another spell.

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