How to Make Black Salt

If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, bad vibes, spiteful people, or harmful gossip, it may be time for banishing work, return-to-sender, or binding spells. One of our favorite ingredients for binding spells is black salt. Crafted from ashes of protection plants and black pepper, this is one of the easiest recipes for spiritual black salt. For this recipe, I save the ashes of my protective smudge sticks.

What can I use black salt for Witchcraft?

Made popular in modern Witchcraft by traditional Hoodoo and Santeria practices, this banishing salt spell ingredient can be used to:

  • Remove unwanted guests
  • Stop gossip
  • Remove negative energy from your home
  • Ward off evil from your space
  • Dispel jealousy

Spiritual Black Salt Recipe

Recipe Timing: Waxing Moon, New Moon, Saturday, Day of Saturn

Black Salt Ingredients


  1. Using your mortar and pestle, grind your black pepper or graveyard dirt to a fine powder.
  2. Add the rest of ingredients. Stir to combine.
  3. Visualize the salt destroying all negativity.
  4. Store in your favorite container. This salt can be added to any banishing or protection spell work or sprinkled around the area that needs protection.

Please note: This recipe for black salt is not an edible salt recipe and should not be used internally. This is not a culinary salt recipe.

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