Take the Real Witch Challenge

At Plentiful Earth, we’re on a mission to show the world what real witches look like.

An artistic juxtaposition of two distinct portraits featuring a woman with a caption about being a real witch exuding a witchy, metaphysical aura, and a man peering through foliage, each image giving
Three candid moments in nature: a woman in red glancing away thoughtfully, a joyful blonde person laughing in the sunlight imbued with metaphysical energy, and a contemplative individual walking in a tranquil

No warts.
All beauty.
All power.

A person stands amidst tall grass, their arms raised towards the sky in a gesture of spiritual freedom or celebration, wearing a vibrantly patterned outfit against the backdrop of a subdued, dusky landscape.


Witches. Are. Real.

Witches are humans who realize that we aren’t living up to our full potential.
Witches are people who know we can create change with just intent. 
Witches are friends who want you to see and own your personal power.

Witches are real.

Take the #RealWitchChallenge.

Show the world what Witches really look like!

How to do the challenge: 

  1. Get the template here!
  2. Create your picture.
  3. Post on any social and tag us:
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